The Health Benefits of Jasmine Essential Oil

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The Health Benefits of Jasmine Essential Oil

DIY Jasmine

In Disney’s 1992 classic film “Aladdin” Princess Jasmine was a girl who felt trapped in her royal life. In the movie she meets Aladdin who feels the same about is life in the streets. Their lives intertwine and in the process they raise each other up to create a “whole new world” and in the case of the movie series a whole bunch of sequels. Both characters were trying to improve their lives and spirits and it is no coincidence that the creators called the main character Jasmine.

Princess Jasmine
Princess Jasmine

Jasmine is an essential oil that can improve your mood and life. The name Jasmine comes from the Persian word Yasmin which translates to “A Gift from God” which most users can attest to. It is a plant that includes over 200 species. They grow naturally in South Asia with India being one of the major producers. In this article we will focus on Jasmine essential oil which is made from the flowers of this plant.
In Hindu and Indian culture it has been regarded as a sacred and holy. The flowers produced from this plant have been used as decoration and ornaments as well made into tea and fragrant oils. The smell of jasmine is delicious and seductive. This is the reason I believe it has been revered for so long. Like many essential oils on the market, jasmine is known for its ability to uplift ones mood and well-being. In an ever more technological and complicated world people are searching for more natural cures. Essential oils and in particular jasmine oil can help. Its aromatherapeutic properties have been shown to help alleviate stress and anxiety and improve libido. In some case it can help with the pain associated with childbirth and can decrease the symptoms menopause. Let’s delve deeper into this ancient essential oil and discover how it can improve your life!

Jasmine Essential Oil For Skin

Jasmine for Skin
Jasmine for Skin

Sensitive and irritated skin is a major problem. It can cause itching and other unpleasant side effects. Although there are endless medications many people tend to look for a more holistic approach to their skin problems. This could be for a number of reasons. Sometimes medication just doesn’t work and trying something more naturally is exactly what is needed. That is why many practitioners of holistic medicine recommend jasmine essential oil for the skin.
Jasmine oil can help to keep away infection and improve circulation and overall skin health. This is due to its antiseptic properties. The active ingredients are benzyl benzoate, benzaldeyde and benzoic acid which are all used in over the counter medications for a variety of skin issues. Jasmine oil is natural and safe and doesn’t require a prescription. It has been known to alleviate the irritation associated with psoriasis and eczema.
Its works to both hydrate the infected skin while keeping it clean and clear from infection. This is the reason why many cosmetics and creams include jasmine oil in their formulas. When using the pure oil directly on your skin it is best to test it out first. This is because many of the pure essential oils in concentrated form can irritate sensitive skin. It is better to be on the safe side.
Although not as pronounced as other essential oils, jasmine oil has been found to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. I would recommend you add it to other more powerful oils like tea tree and peppermint if used for bacterial or inflammation problems like gout, arthritis and dandruff.

Jasmine Essential Oil For Hair

Jasmine for Hair
Jasmine for Hair

Jasmine oil is used in a number of hair products and for good reason. The oil is light which allows it to be absorbed easier into the pores and follicles. It can be mixed with other oils to create a complete hair care solution. When used with carrier oils it can be massaged into the head and hair which plays the dual role of calming the nervous system and hydrating your hair. You hair health is the product of many different factors. The weather can effect your hair and your mental state can affect your hair. When you are stressed many of the nutrients that your hair needs to be strong get depleted leaving your hair prone to any number of issues. Because jasmine oil can alleviate stress it can allow your body to maintain those essential nutrients which in turn can promote hair growth and strength.
Because the oil is a great moisturizer you can use it to soothe dry scalp which can help prevent dandruff and flakes. Its antiseptic properties can help to ensure that if you do encounter cuts or skin irritation it will soothe it and keep it clean from infection. The scent is amazing and lasts for a long time leaving your hair smelling amazing! When used in conjunction with other oils like coconut and argan it can improve hair growth and add volume to your hair. For people with frizzy and wavy hair it can hydrate and tame the frizz and can keep your curls bouncy.

Jasmine Essential Oil For Diffusing: Depression, Relaxation & Sleep

Better Sleep Jasmine

Jasmine essential oil has excellent aromatherapy properties. Like I have stated many times previous jasmine oils scent is relaxing and calming. So calming that one study found that it actually decreased stress in lab mice. This was a very promising discovery. It seems that jasmine oil has the ability to stimulate your nervous system and brain. This in turn can boost your energy and mood. It has been shown to decrease depression and anxiety which improves overall well-being.
It has been thought to be a aphrodisiac in many cultures and for good reason. It has been shown to increase body temperature, breathing rate and other things associated with arousal. The scent can make you feel more alert and attune with your body. These can lead to a heightened libido and a more intense intimate experience.
The gentle scent of jasmine can also be used to help folks who have a difficulty sleeping. A lot of times we find that when we lie down to sleep are bodies are tired but are minds are working overtime. This can cause stress and irritability which further exasperate the problem of not being able to fall asleep. Jasmine oil can help! Its scent is soft and soothing and when used in a diffuser or on a pillow can allow you to fall asleep faster and achieve a more restful slumber. It is no wonder why so many cultures hold jasmine in such high esteem.

Jasmine Essential Oil Scent Described

The jasmine flower famously only opens at night infusing the air with its calming and seductive fragrance. The scent is a dichotomy of intense gentleness. People have written about being consumed by the floral fragrance. It has been described as purifying and pulsating. This to me explains why in many cultures it is considered an aphrodisiac. In some cultures it is placed in a newly married couple’s room for this reason. There are many essential oils that are known for their transformative scents but jasmine seems to be the only one that evokes poetry in its users. Jasmine oil is something that needs to be experienced in order to fully understand its power.

DIY Jasmine Essential Oil Recipe

Although marketed as an essential oil, jasmine oil is considered an absolute. The only real difference between the two is the extraction process. Essential oils can be extracted using the steam distillation process while absolutes use solvent extraction. Solvent extraction is the process where the plant (in this case jasmine flower) is mixed a solvent which extracts the fragrance. It is then mixed with alcohol which when evaporated leaves the fragrant oil behind. The process uses lower temperatures than steam distillation and therefore is usually more pungent than an essential oil.
Although most essential oils and absolutes are manufactured in plants there are ways to make your own DIY oils. This is not a cheap endeavor. In order to make most essential oils properly you will need to purchase a still for distilling. These get pricey but once you own one you can make as many kinds of oils as you’d like. There is a cheaper and easier option. You can take the jasmine flowers and a base oil, pour them into a jar and let them sit in a dark place. This process creates an oil that is fragrant but not as powerful as an oil you’d buy at the store. It still is an easy and cheap way to make your very own jasmine oil at home.


Jasmine essential oil has been around for a long time and has been used for a variety of applications. The scent of this special oil inspires and comforts. People have been using the oil for its holistic properties for centuries and it doesn’t look like its going to slow done any time soon. It can soothe your mind and caress your soul. This is an oil that will make a wonderful addition to you essential oil collection. This multi-functional oil can help you relax and improve your love life. It can nourish and moisturize your skin and hair making it one of my favorite essential oils of all time!

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