The Health Benefits of Neroli Essential Oil: Money Oil

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The Health Benefits of Neroli Essential Oil: Money Oil


This essential oil is quite exceptional. Unlike other essential oils, which are primarily produced using the fruit, branches, stems, or leaves of their respective plant origins. This next essential oil is produced by exclusive use of the blossoms and is also one of the most expensive essential oils on the market.

What is Neroli Essential Oil? Where Does It Come From?

Neroli Essential Oil

Neroli essential oil is the product of the bitter orange tree (Citrus x Aurantium). The tree produces another essential oil, one by the name of petitgrain, which is made from the young twigs, leaves, and branches of the tree. But, as previously mentioned, neroli makes use of the flowers.

It takes about 1000 pounds of flowers to produce a single pound of pure neroli essential oil. Quite a figure, isn’t it? A thousand to one. Amazing. This is achieved by means of steam, which separates the flower’s organic matter and the other elements, and causes the condensed materials to become a liquid, then slowly drip into a separate chamber, where it is collected. The steam distillation process yields a light yellow, quasi-golden liquid which is known as neroli oil.

The process of steam distillation is one which is used in the production of many essential oils, and so in that sense, it is not unique. Nevertheless, this oil is different, because of its origin within the plant. Another difference? The flowers are picked by hand in early spring. I suspect not many essential oil ingredients are hand-picked nowadays, which is probably another reason why the price of neroli oil is usually higher, compared to other oils.

The bitter orange tree is native to southeast Asia, and in these times it can be seen flourishing around the world. The tree is a hybrid, combining pomelo and mandarin (Citrus maxima and Citrus reticulata, respectively). Different varieties and subspecies of bitter orange tree exist, and their primary use has been the cosmetics and fragrance industries. The fruit never really did play a significant part in the culinary fields. The tree’s fruit is simply too bitter to be eaten – that is, in most cases. On the other hand, their role in the world of aromatherapy and alternative medicine is growing, as people become more aware of their powerful medicinal attributes.

Top 5 Neroli Essential Oil Uses: Hair, Face, Perfume, Hypertension and Treating Cuts

Using essential oils for your health is no new concept. Over the years, and I mean thousands of years here, essential oils have been a part of proper health, vitality, and yes, sometimes luxury. Different essential oils have been singled out for more specific uses. Here are a few popular uses for neroli essential oil.

Neroli Essential Oil for Hair

Neroli can do wonders for your hair

This oil has some serious antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, and this means that it can do a whole lot for your scalp. Many times, different issues we have with our hair are the result of improper care of the scalp, and not the strands of hair themselves. The roots, the follicles, of your hair are embedded in the scalp, and it is from there that the hairs gain their health, shine, and silkiness.

Neroli can help rid the scalp of dirt, grime, and excess oils. It can help prevent the arrival of lice and other unpleasant hair-related conditions like redness, dandruff, and irritation. Keeping your scalp clean is key in maintaining proper hair health. And this not only treats the problem symptomatically. With regular (albeit moderate) use, you can even solve the root cause of these issues, which is most likely the case of sebum oil imbalance, hormonal imbalance, or pH imbalance. It will not help in each and every case, but neroli essential oil is certainly something which you should put your faith in. Give it a shot, and it could surprise you for the better.

Neroli Essential Oil for Your Face

Our skin is tough yet fragile

Our skin is tough yet fragile. It acts as a barrier and it protects us from harm in a lot of ways. The skin on our face, unlike other areas of our body, is exposed throughout the entire day, more often than not. This means that there is skin, and then there is facial skin and there are some big differences between them. For instance, the number of sebum glands which exist on the face is quite a bit higher than in other parts of the body.

Neroli essential oil can help treat spots, blemishes, scars, and other skin-related conditions, by killing any bacteria which may be looking for an opening. When you use it, it will not clog up your skin’s pores (another main reason for various conditions like acne).

First, rinse your face with some warm water. This is done to open up the pores on your face. Then, take a fresh clean cotton swab, or a Q-tip if you need more local help, dilute the pure oil with a carrier oil of some kind, and then add a couple of drops of the mixture to the cotton swab. Let the mixture do its thing on your face.

By the way, there are ways to naturally improve your skin, without the immediate need for pharmaceutical products. And FYI, in case you had a doubt, a great deal of physical and mental improvement is really up to the lifestyle you live. It is all a question of cleaning up a list of decisions, and getting a move-on!

Neroli Essential Oil for Perfume

Neroli is perhaps most famous for its fragrance

Before the medicinal qualities of the neroli essential oil were brought to light, it existed mainly as a way to give fragrances an extra boost. It is what neroli is perhaps most famous for. It blends exceedingly well with other essential oils, which is also why it is used in such a wide variety of products. Furthermore, it can be used as an alternative to mainstream deodorants, and provide a healthier option for those who are done with those unnatural ingredients. Have you ever looked at the back of the bottle? Some of those products have a huge list of ingredients on the label. Not a great sign, usually.

Neroli Essential Oil for Cuts

There are several essential oils which can be used to treat minor cuts, wounds, and bruises, as well as insect bites and other skin abrasions. Neroli is one of those oils and it supports blood-clotting as well as the closing of the wound when it first appears.

After the wound is closed and disinfected (which the oil also helps with), neroli helps by stimulating the regeneration of skin cells. In other words, neroli essential oil helps the body stave off infections and accelerates the natural process of skin growth. It makes for faster healing and quicker recuperation.

We mentioned the positive effects this oil can have on the facial skin, as a reactive and preventive substance. While there are some differences between the face and the rest of the body, they are still the same in a lot of ways. Your skin can benefit greatly from this oil, regardless of any cuts or wounds.

Neroli Essential Oil for Hypertension

Bring balance to your mind and body

Having high blood pressure could put you at risk of many serious conditions, including heart disease and stroke (two of the leading causes of death in the United States). By inhaling neroli essential oil – or a healthy blend containing the oil – on a regular basis, you can help to normalize your stress hormone levels, reduce anger and anxiety, and bring balance to your mind and body. Oh yeah, and to balance your blood pressure levels, too.

“Natural products“ is not just a buzzword or technical term. It is a path and a journey. A way to begin taking care of yourself properly. You can start with something so simple and easy, such as inhaling some essential oils through a clean cloth. In time, you may find that you are reacting to this process in a positive way.


We’ve come a long way since Ancient Rome and Greece. Those guys knew how to party, how to conquer, and how to take care of themselves. Many times, they took care of themselves by using plants, herbs, and oils of all kinds. The essential oil of neroli is a relative newcomer to the essential oil bunch, and only recently did it start to play a more serious role in therapy and medicine. But it is growing in popularity, and more and more people are discovering its abilities.

Not all essential oils affect people in the same way. While they do have some attributes associated with them, you can never tell which oil will have a better effect. It could be that neroli is just the thing for you. If not, there are other oils which can probably achieve the same goals. Nevertheless, because it is a citrus oil, and because it is produced by using the flowers, there is certainly something else to it, which – as far as I can tell – not all essential oils possess. It might be more expensive, but when you use it, you will know where that extra money went. You cannot put a price on good health.

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