The Health Benefits Of Marjoram Essential Oil

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The Health Benefits Of Marjoram Essential Oil

There are over 90 recognized essential oils out there, each with their own merits, health benefits, and uses. Some of them overlap, some are used for the same maladies or conditions. The thing is, these types of remedies and preventive medicinal treatments are pretty subjective. In a sense, this may be true to conventional medicine as well, but it is certainly true with alternative medicine and aromatherapy.

We react differently to all kinds of substances. It has a great deal to do with genetics, lifestyle, diet, and other factors. What works for one person may not work for another. But make no mistake: essential oils can provide you, your psyche, and your immune system with a lot of strength and resilience. Marjoram essential oil is one of the most calming and positive around. It can help with digestion issues and infections, and is considered a ‘nerve tonic’ of sorts.

What Is Marjoram Essential Oil? Where Does It Come From?

Marjoram is a small shrub which is native to different regions of the Mediterranean

Marjoram is a small shrub which is native to different regions of the Mediterranean. It grows to a height of about 20 inches, and has a thin stem, dark green leaves, and small – but very pretty – flowers. It has medicinal uses and culinary uses.

During the times of the ancient civilizations of Rome and Greece, it was known throughout their respective empires as a symbol of joy and happiness, and was used in the production of medicines and perfumes of all kinds. The official name of this plant is Origanum majorana, and it is also known as sweet marjoram and “the joy of the mountains”.

The essential oil of this shrub is produced by steam distillation of the plant’s leaves and flowers.

Sweet marjoram is NOT to be confused with Spanish marjoram, which we will now discuss.

What Is Spanish Marjoram Essential Oil?

True to its name, Spanish marjoram (or Thymus mastichina) is a plant whose origins are in Spain

First off, these two are entirely separate plants. They have a different chemical and botanical composition, as well as completely different names. The differences between them are many, but initially a quick scan of the botanical name should be a pretty cut and dry indication of which plant (or oil) you are dealing with.

True to its name, Spanish marjoram (or Thymus mastichina) is a plant whose origins are in – wait for it! – Spain. It is used as a bath oil and a massage oil, and it also has uses in aromatherapy. Indeed, Spanish marjoram has some great health benefits of its own, but it has nothing to do with the sweet marjoram shrub of which we are currently speaking.

So, back to the plant at hand!

Marjoram Essential Oil For Snoring

By inhaling some marjoram essential oil before bed, the blockage can be eased

It’s a pretty safe bet that we are all aware of this situation, and are all too familiar with it on a personal level. You crawl into bed after a long day, just looking to get some sweet shut-eye. But hark, what’s this? Some unconscious – and potentially inconsiderate – person is making their presence well-known… Snoring, ladies and gentlemen, is quite a situation!

And you know what? Sometimes you can let it slide. Some snorers are not too bad. Some, on the other hand, are downright insufferable. And you lay there, thinking of all kinds of ways you’d like to get back at them, and meanwhile your sleep-time is being considerably downsized. Sometimes, it gets to a point where you want to kick them in the shin – hard – just to make them change position.

But wait – it seems you don’t have to contemplate nighttime homicide quite yet! No need for that kind of crime of passion, my friends. There is a more natural solution for congested and otherwise blocked airways. By inhaling some marjoram before bed (and ideally, keeping the supply open [or the diffuser burning] throughout the night), the blockage can be eased, and the passing of air through the nostrils and mouth becomes more manageable.

The oil can be placed on a small plate, or applied topically to the mustache area. Whatever works for you. It could take up to several weeks for the treatment to become effective, depending on the issue causing the snoring.

Marjoram Essential Oil For High Blood Pressure

Keeping your blood pressure in the optimal range for your age is key in healthy living

Another very popular use for marjoram oil is in preventing and treating hypertension, commonly known as high blood pressure. It achieves this by dilating the blood vessels, which causes pressure to drop. It has warm and soothing effects on the body and mind, which lowers pressure of all kinds, including that of the blood circulating in our body.

High blood pressure is the cause of so many medical conditions. Keeping your blood pressure in the optimal range for your age and lifestyle is key in healthy living. Used in an herbal tea, marjoram leaves can be very beneficial, and conducive to proper circulation. To be clear, there are other essential oils which can be used to lower blood pressure, so if you find that marjoram is not your ‘cup of tea’ (oh, dear…), feel free to try other natural methods.

Does Marjoram Essential Oil Help With Pregnancy?

The results showed that women who were treated with marjoram were better prepared for pregnancy

This is a tricky one. Who can fathom the mysteries of pregnancy and fertility? This is such a subjective issue, and it has so many other factors involved in it, that it’s really impossible to say that a certain shrub will help get you pregnant. However, there is no denying the (tentative) facts, either. A study published in 2015 showed some promise.

A group of women with hormonal imbalance issues were assigned to treatment with marjoram tea. There was also a control group, which received a placebo tea. The results showed that women who were treated with marjoram were better prepared for pregnancy, hormonally speaking. But wait – there’s more! The results of this study are not necessarily indicative of women only. Men with hormonal issues could also potentially benefit from the marjoram shrub’s attributes, but studies on men are still ongoing, or are otherwise unpublished as of yet.

Regardless of the study which I cited, there is no harm in seeing if marjoram can help bring your body some balance, and aid it in preparing for pregnancy and impregnancy.

Marjoram Essential Oil Side Effects

You gotta take the good with the bad, or so they say, and there are some possible side effects to the essential oil of marjoram. As with any essential oil, pregnant and nursing women – as well as small children – are advised to take caution and follow the advice of their healthcare professional.

Marjoram essential oil is regarded as safe to use. It is not toxic or irritating. However, when taken in medicinal amounts, there could be some potential side effects:

Blood circulation and heart rate – we mentioned the oil’s ability to assist in lowering blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels, but there is also the possibility of lowering the heart rate altogether. Those with an already-slow heart rate should be aware of this.

People with bleeding disorders should also take caution, since marjoram oil can potentially slow the clotting of the blood, making it possibly unsafe for those with various blood conditions. For this reason, it is also not recommended to use when taking certain blood-related medication. Again, to be on the safe side, consult with your doctor.

Allergies – like other plants in the mint family, marjoram could affect those with who are sensitive. If you know of any such sensitivity, you should probably steer clear of marjoram.

Marjoram Essential Oil Scent Explained

The shrub and its oil have a pleasant, minty, and almost peppery kind of smell

The shrub and its oil have a pleasant, minty, and almost peppery kind of smell. It has been described by others as warm and fresh, and I can see why. It reminds me of something like a sweet summer day. I know, that’s a terrible cliché, but it is how I feel about it anyway, so I might as well stay true to myself and my emotions.


This is probably one of the lesser known essential oils, but this does not make it any less important. Marjoram is a staple of good health, blissful days, and snoreless nights.

It is a plant which is being cultivated all over the world, and it’s relatively easy to grow. However, it is a slow grower, so you may want to start with young plants rather than seeds. It is recommended to start the growth indoors, in late winter, and later on move it outdoors for the summer, where it can soak up the sun and reach new heights.

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