The Health Benefits of Cypress Essential Oil: The Evergreen Tree

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The Health Benefits of Cypress Essential Oil: The Evergreen Tree

There is a host of essential oils out there. Some are considered to be newer, and some are positively ancient. Many of them share similarities due to their geographic origin, their respective plant’s properties, or their suggested methods of use. The essential oil of cypress doesn’t claim to stand out. It is a strong and powerful essential oil, and it does have a few things in which it specializes, like treating varicose veins, bedwetting, and certain issues related to digestion.

What is Cypress Essential Oil? How Is It Made?

Cupressus sempervirens

Cypress is the common name given to the Cupressaceae family of trees. Cypress trees can be found all over the world, and their claim to fame is that of being the tallest, thickest, and largest trees in the world. Cypress comes from the Greek word sempervivens, which means ‘live forever’ or ‘ever-living’.

The essential oils of the cypress tree are created by steam distillation of the cypress tree’s bark. The most common cypress tree for essential oil production is Cupressus sempervirens, which is also known by the name Mediterranean cypress.

Steam distillation is a process used in the production of different essential oils. It is a process known for its ability to separate the ingredients and organic materials, and yield a pure, concentrated, and highly potent oil. In some cases, not just the bark of the tree is used, but also the cones. This provides oils of varying qualities.

The essential oil of cypress is an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antioxidant, mild sedative, virus killer, antispasmodic, and decongestant. It has more health benefits, but those are the main ones.

Cypress Essential Oil For Hair

Revitalize hair follicles which are thinning

There are several essential oils out there which are recommended for use for proper scalp health and hair growth. It is important to remember that no essential oil will cure baldness. What essential oils like cypress can do is revitalize hair follicles and strands which are on the verge of falling out or which are thinning significantly. I believe that in some cases, a person’s head of hair can be brought back to life by using the correct personal regimen of diet, exercise, and essential oils. Does this necessarily apply to everyone? Nope, but this is still one of the cypress’ best properties. Like it or not, many of us – myself included – attribute a lot of significance to hair. The ability to use natural methods to strengthen the hair and clean the scalp is a great one.

Cypress Essential Oil For Varicose Veins and Hemorrhoids

Keep those legs looking smooth and sexy

Our veins are so very helpful, but almost nobody likes it when they pop out, in all their blue-green glory, on the sides of our legs and arms. What can be worse? Well, that’s easy – hemorrhoids. That can be pretty worse, depending on the condition.

Those two situations can be pretty rough and unsightly. Is there something that can be done about that? Yup. There is. No no, forget surgery for now, and forget about other types of quasi-invasive methods.

Perhaps try a more natural way as a starting position. It may work, it may not, but surgery is not always the immediate answer. Plant medicine is a field which – I feel – is completely underrated, considering its original place of honor in the world of medicine. People may not give plants and herbs the credit they really deserve.

Using a mixture of cypress oil and water on a cotton ball, you can apply it topically on your veins and hemorrhoids. The oil acts as an astringent, and the swollen blood vessels are able to shrink back a bit. The oil’s antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties make the harmful agents lurking about, unable to get inside of your system and do further harm. Keep those legs looking smooth and sexy!

Cypress Essential Oil For Coughing

The common cold

A cough, and to some extent all symptoms of the common cold, is one of the more annoying conditions we frequently encounter. The inability to control your breath; that feeling when you are seemingly forced to cough, in long bouts which hurt your throat and chest; it is a pain in the neck, among other places…

In cases of bronchitis, coughing fits, and chest congestion, cypress is like manna from heaven. It is able to aid the body to get over these symptoms, and the best way to do that is through inhalation. With coughs, in particular, they could be spasmodic, which is precisely when you should use cypress oil, as opposed to other anti-congestant essential oils.

Coughs. You know that feeling when you are all “coughed out” and are just sighing, panting, begging for relief? This oil can help you out and it is certainly not the only essential oil that can address this condition. There are many oils that also act as decongestants and coughing aids.

Some coughs originate in the chest, and others in the throat, depending on the situation. Sometimes they are bundled together with other cold symptoms, and sometimes it is just a standalone kind of a cough. Sometimes it is phlegmy, sometimes it is not. No matter what type of a cough you have, there is a chance that this oil will be able to provide a helping hand. It does not solve every cough-related issue. You can’t smoke two packs a day, for instance, and expect a few drops of cypress oil to stop your lungs from carrying out when they must, you know?

Cypress Essential Oil For Bedwetting

Cypress essential oil can help enuresis

Here is one medical condition which not every essential oil will address: enuresis, also known as bedwetting. Depending on the situation and its circumstances, this condition may be helped with the essential oil of cypress. Rub a few drops of the oil – diluted in a carrier oil such as coconut or olive – on your (or the child’s) stomach or bladder area before bed.

Bedwetting is never a pleasant situation, no matter what age you are. The ability to combat that condition is a real lifesaver. It means quieter nights, no discomfort, no shame, no guilt. There are tons of kids and parents who are painfully unaware of how to act and respond in the case of bedwetting. It is best to avoid it altogether, of course, and cypress essential oils can certainly help with that.

Again, I must reiterate – it may help, it may not. We react differently to oils, and bedwetting sometimes has more mental roots than physical ones, but it is certainly worth a shot. It is an all-natural method, relatively inexpensive, effective, and when combined with such exercises as extremity squeezes before bed, it can help to reduce and even stop bedwetting from occurring altogether.

Side Effects To Cypress Essential Oil

Make sure to get the OK from your physician

This oil has no outstanding side effects, but – as with any pure essential oil – it is best to avoid using it if you are nursing or expecting. With most oils, small children are also encouraged to avoid using, but this one is a little different because it is used to stop children from bedwetting. Obviously, they are going to need to be in some kind of close contact with it.

Regardless, if you or someone in your family are about to start some kind of regular treatment with the oil, make sure to get your physician’s okay. If you are normally sensitive to such things, perform a patch test or an equivalent thereof. Better safe than sorry, right? And of course, if you develop any negative reactions or unwanted symptoms, discontinue using the oil and get to your doctor.


Cypress is a useful essential oil, which can also be blended with many other essential oils and carrier oils. You can use it for all kinds of things, from eliminating foot odor and stopping a runny nose, to cleaning your scalp and getting rid of cellulite. It has the ability to do a lot, for you and your body. It is not an essential oil which is too popular, and I think I understand why. There seem to be others, more known ones, which hog all the glory. Seriously, though, this is a real remedy, and I would recommend it to those in need.

With essential oils, it is never simply about your condition. Alternative medicine realizes that most conditions are symptomatic of a deeper problem with the body and mind. Nevertheless, the symptoms are quite enough on their own. And if you want to handle them, as well as their root cause, essential oils are a good start. Cypress oil is so helpful, and all you need is several drops in your bathwater or in your skin cream. Your physical and mental health matter a lot, obviously, and cypress essential oil can help you out on the road to a better you.

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