Why Choose Us

What Do We Do?

Innovative Private Label is a private label manufacturer that provides companies and small businesses with the ability to place their own private label on our products. With a wide-range of cosmetics and personal care products available, we offer vast possibilities for prospective entrepreneurs who are interested in crafting a brand of their own. Our experience, in-depth knowledge of cosmetics needs and trends, manufacturing capabilities, and high-quality products can provide an ambitious and willing client all that they need in order to build the brand of their dreams. As a full-service private labeling provider, we offer graphic design and custom labeling services – we’re ready to facilitate your branding efforts from A to Z.

Our Products

We’re proud of our guarantee of natural and safe ingredients used in all of our cosmetics and personal care products. Regardless of the product, you can rest assured that our formulas will be crafted with health and safety in mind – this has and continues to be our number one priority. Our products are paraben-free and silicone-free, and all hair care products we produce are sulfate-free.

Green Business

In addition to ensuring that our products are natural-based and safe for consumers, we are also highly environmentally conscious. We are excited and proud to announce that our new, state-of-the-art facility is green friendly. This affords us the capability to produce up 50,000 units per day. So no matter the size of your order, we are ready to provide for you in a manner that is both prolific and environmentally friendly. We also recycle all paper and cardboard that we use while at the same time purchasing only corrugated boxes made from recycled materials for shipping.

World-Class Customer Service

We pride ourselves on being small business-friendly. We offer low minimums and a dedicated customer service team who ensures that your needs are met in a timely and satisfying manner. Regardless of the size of your order or the nature of your business, we’re ready to work with you while offering caring, attentive support and service. Our accessible team will always let you know the status of your order, offering lightning fast answers to your questions. Our close-knit team always puts the customer first – have no fear of getting lost in a mass conglomerate when you’re working with Innovative Private Label.