Research and Development

High Quality, Unique Products

Unlike your typical private label purveyor, we provide unique, high quality products that ensure you stand out from the competition. From creams, to body butter, to natural shampoos and conditioners, we offer exciting and unique products made with natural ingredients. We custom formulate too, in order to ensure we can bring your vision to life no matter the scale or scope. Just a few of the immediate additional advantages to working with us include:

  • Produce up to 50,000 products per day.
  • All products are paraben-free and silicone-free.
  • All haircare is sulfate-free.
  • USA-made: All products made in and shipped from New Jersey.
  • Fill your first order in three weeks.
  • Low minimums.
  • Clinical and natural products available.

Demand, Safety, Efficiency

Our multi-faceted R&D department uses the most advanced and modern methods to produce cosmetics and beauty products that are effective, safe, and natural. We are constantly working to keep up with the latest in development innovations in order to make sure that our facilities and processes are as efficient as possible and as safe as possible, for the sake of our company, our clients, and our environment. This includes a number of developments and processes our company implements, such as:

  • Use of Natural, Safe Ingredients.
  • On-Site Recycling Department.
  • Green, Eco-Friendly Manufacturing.
  • Non-Freon Air Conditioning System Throughout Facilities.
  • Annual Energy Auditing to Ensure Efficiency and Waste-Prevention.
  • Use of Renewable Energy in All Departments.
  • Ongoing Water Conservation Efforts.
  • Facility Cleaned with Environmentally-Friendly Bio Cleansers, Not Chemicals.
  • Ongoing Environmentally-Driven Charitable Efforts.

Our research focus is on determining the cosmetics and beauty products that are most in-demand by consumers, and our developmental focus is on crafting our products in the most efficient and safe way possible.

Always Up to Date

Our research and development team works tirelessly in our state-of-the-art facility, using only all-natural ingredients and ensuring that our products are always up to date. What that means is, if products can be made in a safer or more efficient way, or with better ingredients and an improved formula, we are always on top of it. Our manufacturing and research processes of today don’t precisely resemble what they were a year ago, and will not resemble themselves in a year from now – we perpetually strive for improvement, across the board. Our up-to-date manufacturing processes include:

  • Sensing, Measurement, and Process Control.
  • Digital Manufacturing Technologies.
  • Open-Source Design and Direct Client Input.
  • High Performance Computing and Prototyping.
  • Materials Design, Synthesis, and Processing.
  • Sustainable Manufacturing.

Satisfaction at Every Level

All of these steps and efforts are a part of our goal to bring clients the highest amount of satisfaction, which will in turn help them craft brands that will accomplish the same for their customers. When we’re on top of our R&D game, our clients prosper, and their customers receive the best possible product – everyone wins.