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Sustainable Private Label Hair Products

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Growing up you got a store brand of cereal or private label brand, like Honey Nut Toasteos instead of its big name brand alternative Honey Nut Cheerios for one main reason. The Toasteos tended to be a lot less expensive and very similar to its name brand equivalent, but times have changed. Private labels are no longer just the cheaper version of its name brand equivalent. While private label products are less expensive and this is still the main reason while people buy them than their named brand counterpart private label products have been produced at a higher quality.

Our company, Innovative Private Label Company produces private label products produced at the highest quality for a good price. It doesn’t stop there, we make sure all of our products are produced with the most natural and environment friendly ingredients. In this article were going to focus on hair products similar to ones that our company has produced and specifically focus on answering the question of how we are able to use our private label hair products to help the environment. We did several things, for example all the products we sell at our company maintain environmental quality standards.

Minimizing Environmental Footprint / Maximizing Sustainability

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At Innovative Private Label we are determined to maximize the minimization of our environmental footprint in the production of our hair care products. Nowadays what separates sustainable private label hair care products from not sustainable versions are the little things that make their products unique. One of the main things people specifically look for when buying private label hair care products is that they are produced in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Innovative private label produces a whole line of hair care products which includes different variations of shampoo, conditioner, hair dyes, Mousse, and hair styling products. All of these hair care products share the common denominator of being made with some of the most natural and environmentally friendly ingredients heavily reducing our environmental footprint during the production of our hair care products and overall maximizing our hair care products sustainability. However our private label companies hair care products not only maintain sustainability by minimizing our environmental footprint via the ingredients our hair care products are made of but also the entire manner which our products are produced and packaged is in a facility that is environmentally friendly and uses strategic design to minimize our hair care products environmental footprint and maximize their overall sustainability.

Green Formulations


When the combination of several different kinds of ingredients get all mixed together it creates what is called the product’s formula. Therefore, green formulations are the combination of natural environmentally friendly ingredients that create natural, safe and environmentally friendly products AKA green products. For our hair care products this means using a combination of different minerals, oils, and cosmetic ingredients that are produced at the highest standards of quality and purity. Some examples of these natural ingredients, used often in the green formulations for haircare products are Argan Oil and Lavender Oil. Argan Oil is abundant in the vitamins and acids that your hair needs to keep it looking great. It contains Vitamin E and A which can help you keep the hair on your head longer than expected and will keep you looking fresh. Argan Oil also does a great job at fighting dandruff which makes a great ingredient in green formulas used to make shampoos used to treat for dandruff. Rosemary oil, like Argan Oil, has the ability to treat dandruff but also is unique in its ability to not just prevent baldness but reverse it.

With all this in mind, if you are looking for our shampoo with a green formula that helps reverse baldness you might want to check to see if that shampoo contains Lavender Oil as a main ingredient. Another great natural oil used for hair is Almond oil. Almond oil is able to keep your hair looking shiny and great. Almond Oil also contains Vitamin E which as we may have mentioned before helps promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. Additionally when we speak about hair care products formulated with green formulas we are talking about hair care products free of harsh chemicals that could include Sulfates, Parabens, or other chemicals that has the ability to damage your hair.

Machinery and Consumption


It is not only important for us to make sure that our products are created with the greenest of formulas containing the most natural of ingredients but more than that, that all of our hair care products are produced in the safest manner possible. Not only though are they produced safely and made with the greenest environmentally friendly ingredients but also produced using environmentally friendly technology demonstrating how our hair care products are produced in the greenest way possible from start to finish. In developing our hair care products Innovative Private Label’s R&D team uses the most advanced techniques to produce our hair care products. Besides for using only natural ingredients the R&D team produces our hair care products using Solar Powered Machinery and Facilities.

By using solar energy our company is able to save money tremendously since the cost of powering devices with electricity or other fossil fuels is exponentially higher than doing so with solar power. Furthermore burning fossil fuels as opposed to using solar energy allows for the spread of unwanted byproducts that include air and water pollution and the omission of greenhouse gasses into our atmosphere. This is not the case for solar power. Solar power is produced by solar panels which produce it without waste or emissions via a natural process known as photovoltaics.

Waste Produced from Product Packaging and How we Can Avoid It

Since we understand that packaging is one of the most important elements of any marketing and or sales strategy and are company is especially concerned with producing our products in the most natural environmentally friendly way possible. It is therefore crucial for us to avoid wasteful product packaging. However, packaging waste tends to the majority of waste produced per year so it would seem impossible for us to effectively use packaging to Market products. However, while we know this to be be difficult we believe you can still balance using proper packaging to market products while at the same time be able to limit the amount of waste we produce via packaging. First of all we start by recycling primary packing material (e.g. boxes) that are not completely destroyed and can use lighter weight packaging which, in the United States, has been proven to reduce materials going to landfills. Additionally we can also limit the amount of boxes we use to store a product (e.g. we don’t necessarily need a box within a box or we can ensure that several items are shipped all together as opposed to doing so separately.

Proper Packing Materials that can be used to Decrease Waste

Besides for being careful about how many boxes we use to package multiple items or other strategies to decrease the amount of waste produced from product packaging there are also packaging materials that we have learnt are more effective at decreasing waste when used than other packaging materials. These materials consist of four specific materials which can be recycle right away. They include plastics, glass, paper and metal. Not only however, can these materials be directly recycled but can also be easily converted into another useful product. More than that their combustible portion can be converted into fuel. Other methods include, in addition to reusing boxes mentioned above, reuse packaging peanuts, packing in a concentrated form or in the bulk. Another useful strategy is buying recycled boxes off of someone else.

Social Responsibility: What We Can Do

Over the course of this article we have spoken about the importance of not only selling our private label hair care products but in making sure do so in an environmentally friendly and safe environment. We spoke about the different natural ingredients we use for our own hair care products and how to package it in an environmentally friendly way. Besides for helping the environment when buying our product it is important to remember what you learnt and that you have social responsibility to teach about the value of recycling and what you can do overall for the environment.

Check out our homepage at innovativeprivatelabel to see more great ways you can help both the environment and your business!

Table of Contents