The Health Benefits Of Lemon Balm Essential Oil

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The Health Benefits Of Lemon Balm Essential Oil

Let’s talk business for a second, before getting into health and lemon balm essential oil.

Being part of a market means knowing the risks. At the very least, it’s being aware that there are risks, and plan accordingly. This is true to any business venture.

But part of the fun of the business world – and it can be fun, in spite of what some may say – is that you get to take risks. It doesn’t mean you’ll come out on top, but you will be able to look at yourself in the mirror and say: I did it. For better or worse, I did it. You may win, you may lose, but you definitely lose if you don’t go for it.

Private Labeling

Starting a Private Label Business
If building a private label is something you want to get into, don’t hesitate

Some will say there is no reason to get into private labeling in the health and wellness sector. People will tell you that the online market is over-saturated and it’s become a buyer’s market where it’s tough as nails to make some sales. Now, I don’t have all of the stats, and I don’t presume to know better than economists, CEOs, bigshots, etc., but I do have a heart. And when my heart told me to go for it, I did it. This is an important factor. The cold hard calculations have their place, as does going with your gut.

Understand the risks, and plan for the event of an economic and personal winter. That way you won’t be caught with your pants down. But, if you feel that building a brand – a private label – is something you want to get into, don’t hesitate. Do the research you need, find a manufacturer, and get cracking. It doesn’t take too long to get the hang of things, and the initial investment can be potentially quite low, depending on the industry and the product. You may make money, you may lose money. That is the nature of business. But don’t let your private label die before it has had a chance.

Alright, now on to bigger and better things. Let’s talk a bit about the health benefits of lemon balm essential oil.

What is Lemon Balm Essential Oil? Where Does It Come From?

The botanical name of the plant, Melissa Officinalis, comes from Greek

Lemon balm is a species of plant which belongs to the mint family. The mint also includes sage, hyssop, spearmint, and peppermint. The botanical name of the plant, Melissa officinalis, comes from Greek. Melissa is Greek for “honey bee”, and the reason it is so named is due to the fact that in summer, the small white flowers which appear on the plant attract bees, which use the flowers’ nectar to produce honey.

The plant is native to several locations: parts of Europe, parts of Asia, and even Iran. Nowadays, it is being cultivated all over the globe. Lemon balm grows to a relatively short height of about 30-60 inches. But just because it’s a small herb, doesn’t mean it sells itself short. There is a lot of power packed into that small, minty package.  The oil itself is produced from the distillation of the plant’s leaves and flowers by steam.

One of the most popular uses for the plant is in the treatment of cold sores and herpes, so let’s get the rundown on that before moving on.

Lemon Balm Essential Oil For Cold Sores and Herpes

Applying the oil to the affected areas can help the healing process significantly

Cold sores and herpes are some of the most annoying conditions to have. I say “annoying”, because both of these conditions are usually not life-threatening. Just to be clear, they do indeed pose a risk to those who are infected with certain viruses, and they make it easier to contract other kinds of infections, if left untreated. But on the whole, cold sores come and go, as do herpes of the mouth or genitals.

Then again, just because it’s not immediately life-threatening it doesn’t mean you want it to stick around. It’s painful, embarrassing and in some cases it may become chronic. If you are looking for a way to bypass the pharmaceutical drugs, and treat the condition you have in a more natural way, lemon balm essential oil is famous for treating such issues. Put your faith in nature.

Applying the oil to the affected areas – lips, cheeks, around the mouth – can help the healing process significantly. Now, remember that essential oils affect people differently, so results may vary. But, this is one essential oil which everyone recommends for herpes and cold sores.

There are also ointments and creams you can buy, which include the oil in them. Just be on the lookout for unwanted ingredients, such as fragrances, artificial colors, sulfates, and parabens. Buying a natural cream or ointment with lemon balm essential oil is one thing. But buying a cream which is filled with all kinds of chemicals may defeat the purpose of your effort to go natural. In my opinion, it never hurts to be a little more aware of the substances you are introducing into your body. I’m not saying you should go nuts and ban everything, but awareness is important.

Other Uses For Lemon Balm Essential Oil

Lemon Balm Essential Oil was used as a relaxer and sleep-sweetener

This plant goes back a ways. It has a long history with mankind, and it was even used in the Middle Ages as a relaxer and sleep-sweetener (do you like the term? I just made it up!).

This oil is said to be good for your skin, and to help with the treatment and prevention of skin conditions, thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. For minor cuts and wounds, acne, eczema, and other conditions, it is totally worth a shot.

And speaking of treatments, just another note: essential oils are highly potent, and they pack a punch. Even one as sweet and beneficial as lemon balm can turn on you if you over use or misuse it. Do yourself a favor and consult with a professional before beginning treatment with any kind of essential oil. If you got your “boo boo” diagnosed by an MD, it may be best to let him or her know that you are planning on going another way with the treatment. Also, because these oils are very powerful, it is not advisable for young children, pregnant women, or nursing women, to use them without getting their physician’s approval. Better safe than sorry, right?

Some of its other uses include: treatment of issues with the digestive and respiratory systems and Insect repelling. The plant/oil can also be massaged into the skin, inhaled via a variety of methods, and also made into a tincture or soothing tea. It is considered safe for the general population, other than those cases I mentioned earlier, which should take extra caution.

Lemon Balm Essential Oil Scent Described

The scent of the lemon balm essential oil, is one of the most fragrant

The scent of the lemon balm essential oil, is one of the most fragrant I have come across. Now, obviously, all essential oils have a strong scent, but the reason I say that this is one of the most fragrant for me, is because it is tied into a memory that I have of a summer when I was about 19.

I won’t go into the whole thing and get all nostalgic on you, but for me this is a very special plant. Lemony, minty, and reviving, it is the kind of smell that immediately takes me back. It’s why I can only use it in a diffuser during specific times. Honestly, I can’t always have this scent in my room, because it gets me too emotional.

So, as far as scent goes, it is a winner. And not just to me and my psyche. Take a whiff of this plant, or its oil, and you’ll agree that lemon and mint are one of the best combinations around. This stays true whether it’s in an oil diffuser, a late night cocktail, a mug of hot tea, or a pitcher of ice-cold water. It works.


The lemon balm herb is one of best for stress-relieving. Depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, and other stress-induced conditions can be helped with this plant. I see essential oils as more of a preventive type of treatment, and I enjoy using them in everyday life for various purposes. But an oil like lemon balm is more of the reactive type, I guess, to be used when needed.

I am no aficionado, but that is the way it appears to me, personally. And this is part of what is most important about treatment with essential oils and aromatherapy – the personal angle. We don’t all act the same, and we don’t all react the same. Some of us have allergies and sensitivities. Take care of yourself, and find the best oils for you. With almost 100 essential oils to choose from, and varying methods of use, plant medicine certainly proves there is a plant and an oil for everyone and every season.

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