Peach Kernel Essential Oil Benefits Explained

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Peach Kernel Essential Oil Benefits Explained

Peaches are delicious! I’ve always had a soft-place for peaches since I was a child. They really captured my imagination when I was younger after reading Roald Dahl’s ‘James and The Giant Peach’ – a truly fantastic tale. They’re sweet and make a wonderful treat on a hot day or after a tasty meal and have a delightful smell too! They’re healthy and chocked full of Vitamin A and E which make them great for your skin and hair.

Personally, I’ve always loved the texture of peaches too – they’re soft and slightly fuzzy and almost sensual. But the wonders of the peach don’t simply end with it as an edible treat. They’re incredibly versatile fruits and can be utilized for a number of skin, hair and health related issues – not to mention being used to create the essential oil that I’ll be discussing in this article. So keep reading!

What Is Peach Kernel Essential Oil? Where Does It Come From?

Peach Kernel

Peaches originate from China and, more specifically, are native to the North-Eastern region of the country. They later spread to Persia where they were cultivated and were eventually carried into Europe from there. The trees are deciduous and are related to cherry, almond and plum trees and generally take about 3 years to bare their first fruits. They have an average lifespan of roughly 15 years so need to be cultivated in mass in order to meet the high demands of the market place. Peaches themselves are used to create a variety of food products, including jams (marmalade), juices, liqueurs and  are obviously edible on their own.

Peach Kernel Essential Oil

The essential oil is produced from the kernel of the peach, which is contained in a hard shell (also called a ‘stone’). The oil is extracted from the kernel through a method known as ‘cold pressing’. The kernels are put in a large, mechanical press and are subjected to large amounts of pressure, squeezing the oil from the kernel. When the oil is produced through this method, it is generally refined further by undergoing a heat treatment. This means that the oil is heated (4500  F or 2320 C) so that it may have a longer shelf-life by removing any impurities that may remain in the oil after the pressing process.

Is Peach Kernel Oil Comedogenic?

Peach kernel oil is largely considered safe for skin application and only has a comedogenic rating of 2. This means that it is mildly comedogenic and should be used in small amounts. The term ‘comedogenic’ refers to a substances ability to block or clog your pores. The best way to ensure that applying peach kernel oil without having it block your pores is to only use the oil after a shower or to exfoliate your skin first with a steam treatment. Make sure that you apply the oil via a cotton swab and be sure to rinse your face after applying the oil or at the end of your facial routine.

Benefits Of Peach Kernel Oil For Skin

Peach Kernel Essential Oil For Healthy Skin

Peach kernel essential oil is fantastic as a natural skin treatment and is frequently used in soaps, shampoos and lotions. It is rich in Vitamin A, E and has a collection of B vitamins – which make it key in restoring your skin’s natural sheen and moisture. Vitamin E in specific works as a strong antioxidant which helps to remove unwanted toxins that do harm your skin. Vitamin E also actively fights free radicals that are created during the metabolic processes in your body when it breaks down chemicals often found in fried foods, alcohol, medications as well as through pollutants that enter your body on a daily basis i.e. chemical fumes, general air pollution etc.

By eliminating these free radicals, peach kernel oil promotes healthier, more balanced skin that is more resistant to irritation and infection. Vitamin A also helps to replace and nourish skin cells, so can be used as an amazing treatment for skin disorders like eczema or acne. I would recommend that you combine peach kernel oil with almond oil in order to have a better effect on your skin. When combined, the two oils have increased antiseptic properties and will effectively kill off germs on your skin as well as remove excess oils and dead skin cells, that block up pores and causes blemishes such as blackheads.

Benefits Of Peach Kernel Oil For Hair

Peach Kernel Essential Oil For Hair

The essential vitamins contained in peach kernel oil make it very useful as a hair care product. It can be added to your current shampoo to increase its nutrient content as well as strengthening its conditioning properties. The high Vitamin A and E content found the essential oil help to strengthen and nourish your hair follicles from the inside, giving your hair more volume and ultimately making them healthier.

Much like treating your skin, I also highly recommend blending peach kernel oil with almond, lemongrass or orange essential oil to ensure for the best results. The blended oils will help to regulate your scalp’s natural production of excess sebum oil (one of the main causes of oily or greasy hair) and will also help ease an irritable or itchy scalp. The oil will also condition and help to straighten your hair – deterring frizz and split ends.

For maximum effect, I suggested heating the peach kernel oil in a light carrier oil (like almond, orange or coconut oil) and then allowing it to cool again. The oil should be warm but not hot to the touch. Massage the blend into your scalp and work your way down the hair. Allow the oil to settle into your hair and scalp for at least 30 minutes – but you can leave it in overnight. Wrap your head with plastic sandwich wrap or a towel – or both! Note that the longer you leave the oil in, the better the effects will be. After the appropriate amount of time has elapsed, rinse the oil out and condition as per normal.

You’ll feel and notice the effects after the first application – however, repeated use will have prolonged effects and will leave you with much healthier hair in general. As an ad-lib, I’d like to stress that this treatment is perfectly suitable for men as well and I have personally recommended it for a friend who is currently suffering from hair loss, as the mixture of peach kernel and almond oil is known to slow hair loss and after extended use, promote hair growth. It’s much safer to use than most chemical/pharmaceutical treatments and won’t leave you with an itchy or irritable scalp.


For those among us – dare I say it, who are somewhat weary of natural treatments or alternatives, I always say that you have nothing to lose when trying them.They’re much cheaper than most chemical products, are safe, non-toxic, non-additive (except for when you see the amazing results!) and work just as well. My logic is that the pharmaceutical medicines contain all the natural extracts you’ll find online or at your local ethical co-op or organic wholesaler.

However, as is typical with man and the human condition, they’ve been altered and combined with harmful and unnatural ingredients that generally make you more sick than you started out – or come with a long list of terrible side-effects. The business of ‘healthcare’ should be just that – caring for one’s health and making sure you stay healthy. There’s a saying that goes something along the lines of ‘a cured patient is a bad customer’ or vice-versa. That’s something that I think we should all dwell on when considering our own health.

Thanks for reading our Peach Kernel Essential Oil feature! Be sure to read up on other great essential oils like Rosemary, Grapeseed, and Patchouli here at Innovative Private Label!

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