The Health Benefits of Yarrow Essential Oil Explained

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The Health Benefits of Yarrow Essential Oil Explained

One of the most profitable and lucrative sectors of private labeling is the wellness industry. Dietary supplements, vitamins, natural cosmetics, beauty products, and healthy living in general is always a popular niche to get into. And I don’t mean it in an old “salesman-like” sort of way. I mean it in the more positive, healthful sense.

Pushing products on people is no way to get a client base. You need to provide the consumers with something they want, and give them a high quality item, ideally in a high quality package.

Those who are interested in natural living and plant medicine can truly benefit from the explosion which this industry is still seeing. Some say it is due to the Baby Boomers aging, but that cannot be the only factor. Essential oils are some of the most potent and useful substances we have. Of the many oils which inhabit our lands, one of the most widely-used substances is yarrow, a small-ish plant which tends to flower in the spring.

What Is Yarrow Essential Oil?

Yarrow Essential Oil

The yarrow plant is native to Asia, Europe, and North America, and it was introduced to Australia. It has several varieties and subspecies, and it can be found in many habitats around the world. Sometimes it appears as a weed, sometimes as more of a plant.

Yarrow’s oil is an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory substance, and it is said that the warrior Achilles was given this plant to treat his wounds by his teacher Chiron the Centaur. For this reason, the name of the plant is Achillea millefolium. Say what you want about science, I love the way it can still keep an open channel of communication with Greek and Roman mythology.

As its Latin name suggests, yarrow is said to provide protection. The plant and its oil are also said to help with muscle spasms, water retention, nasal congestion (and other cold symptoms), headaches, and nerve pains.

The digestive system is another area of the body which is greatly affected by this plant, and many aromatherapists use this oil in the process of treating gas, indigestion, and various bowel-related syndromes. It is not a cure, as some may suggest, but it can certainly be beneficial.

Yarrow may also have a dramatic effect on the skin. Some who have used it regularly have found that the essential oil aids in clearing the skin of spots and blemishes, and generally helps the skin look younger.

As for ladies and their unique issues, aromatherapists have also used yarrow’s oil to help with symptoms related to menstruation and menopause. Some say it can also help treat insomnia, by inducing a more relaxed mental and physical state.

The suggestion of medical properties is by no means absolute fact. We all have different bodies and unique operating systems. What affects one person may have no effect on the next. Essential oils are not an exact science, but they can nevertheless be useful and helpful.

Remember, plant medicine was considered to be a superior form of medication long before Western medicine ever existed. Studies on yarrow are still being conducted, and if you have any doubt as to its efficiency, pick up a small vial and see for yourself. And while we are on that topic, be aware that yarrow is a relatively expensive oil. Use with care.

How Is Yarrow Essential Oil Made?

The plant is harvested, crushed, and then steam distilled, transforming it into essential oil. Steam distillation is the method behind the creation of many essential oils, and it is a great way to separate the vital from non-vital. That way, the oil represents only the best qualities of the plant.

DIY Yarrow Essential Oil Recipe

DIY Yarrow Essential Oil

Depending on the physical condition or issue at hand, you could use yarrow in several ways. To form a basic yarrow cream, meant for dry or cracked skin, here is what you’ll need:

Heat up the olive oil and mix in the yarrow. The oil should cover the yarrow. Press down on the mixture, in order to help the yarrow release its beneficial juices. Leave the mixture overnight, and then strain it with a sieve during the day. If you choose to add beeswax, reheat the mixture (low heat once more), and add the wax. Usually, several slices will do, but go with your gut or an online recipe. Add the essential oil you chose for fragrance, and then pour into a glass container or vial.

Do not store essential oils in plastic, and make sure that there is no unnecessary contact with oxygen. Essential oils will last, sometimes for a good while, but like all oils – they, too, can become rancid if not used with caution. They are very potent oils, so be sure to treat them right and store them properly. Also, if you plan on starting some kind of ongoing treatment with essential oils, consult with a health care professional.

Yarrow Essential Oil For Acne

Yarrow Essential Oil For Acne

As previously stated, one of the most popular uses for yarrow’s essential oil is in treatment and prevention of acne. Acne itself is often the result of a pH imbalance, sometimes due to lack or overabundance of the body’s natural oil, the sebum. Yarrow can be used to bring the skin to a proper state, with its camphor-like properties and easy way with water.

Yarrow Essential Oil For Hair Loss

Yarrow Essential Oil For Hair Loss

Okay, let’s get this one out the way. There are all kinds of ways to combat hair loss, and in some cases there are even ways of stimulating cells and causing regeneration. I don’t think there is a natural cure for baldness yet.

Using yarrow essential oil in your hair care routine can help strengthen your scalp and your existing strands, but – generally speaking – once hair loss has already taken place, yarrow will not be able to assist in the regeneration of hair cells. Others disagree with that, and claim that yarrow can in fact stimulate new growth. Hair also has a lot to do with genetics and the sex of the user, so keep that in mind.

If you are interested in treating scalp conditions which could potentially lead to hair loss, yarrow can definitely be of help. Its extract is added to scalp tonics and hair cleansers, precisely because of its abilities. Its astringent properties are a blessing to the scalp and follicles.

My Before & After Yarrow Essential Oil Results

Before & After Yarrow Essential Oil Results

My own experiences did not include treatment of acne or hair loss, actually. I don’t have spots, and thankfully I have a full head of hair. What I did feel yarrow could help me with was these irritations which I get on my skin.

Sometimes, the skin on my face becomes a little too dry for my taste, and I wanted to see if it could help me out with that. It has to do with where I am working at the time (I work outside), and on the season and the weather. It also matters if I had showered earlier or not. My skin is pretty sensitive like that, and there are a lot of factors involved.

So, I mixed a bit of yarrow with coconut oil, and applied it as a toner to my face every morning for a while. I am very happy with my results. I knew coconut oil is one of the best things for my skin, and I had used it in the past, but adding a few drops of yarrow helped a lot. Could I pinpoint the differences? I don’t know. I didn’t conduct an accurate study. The scent certainly changed a bit, in a good way. I didn’t honestly notice if there was anything quicker about the way these two oils soothed and mellowed out my skin. By the way, another good way to go is using jojoba, which is very similar to the body’s sebum.


Yarrow has been around for so many years. The ancient civilizations knew of its importance, and it has held a special place in the cupboards and stores of medicine men and shamans throughout the world. Nowadays, it is still by aromatherapists and cosmetics manufacturers. Unlike other essential oils, such as sage or tea tree, yarrow is not the most obvious, go-to kind of plant. But that doesn’t mean it has any smaller amount of significance.

The health benefits of yarrow are there for taking. Maybe it’s the oil for you, and maybe it isn’t. That depends on you, your body’s condition, your method of use. Whether you make a cream, a toner, or a tincture of out it, it will hopefully be able to bring you peace.

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