Health Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

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Health Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil


Imagine the following scenario: You wake up one morning and realize the unthinkable – you forgot to restock on Shampoo, Conditioner, Moisturizer and Acne Cream. “Oh no!”, you think to yourself. Pushing off buying these items is something you have been putting off for a week now that you didn’t think would come back to bite you so quickly. To make matters worse, you think about all of the chemicals, parabens, sulfates and other hazardous chemicals that a recent article you read said that most of these products which you need to buy probably contain. What you think to yourself is, “is there no hope for my skin and hair?” You then remember that the article said that, at the end of the day, there is a more natural and less chemically-infested solution to treat your hair, skin and acne. That solution, the article said, is Lavender Essential Oil! What exactly is Lavender Essential Oil, and how can it benefit your hair, skin, and face? Read on to find out!

What is Lavender Essential Oil?

Lavender Oil

First of all, what exactly is Lavender Essential Oil? Lavender Essential Oil stems from the Lavender evergreen shrub originally from North Africa. The shrub consists of clumps of scented flowers, located above green or silvery-gray foliage. The oil is obtained by distilling certain species of Lavender flower spikes. Lavender oil is not a pure compound, but rather a more complicated mixture of naturally occurring phytochemicals. Lavender Oil is made of a more complicated structure consisting of over 150 active constituents. The oil contains esters or aromatic molecules with antispasmodic calming and stimulating properties.

When made at a higher quality, Lavender Oil has a sweet floral scent. The oil also comes in a variety of different colors that can range anywhere from pale yellow, to yellow-green, and even colorless. Furthermore, Lavender Essential Oil has been used for over two millennia by a variety of different cultures including the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks. In fact, in Ancient Egypt, Lavender was used for mummification when the ancient Egyptians were buried in Lavender-dipped garments. Additionally, Lavender Oil is known for its fragrance and versatility. We will describe it in more detail over the course of this article. However, here is a brief list of all the great hair, skin, and other health benefits which Lavender Oil has to offer:

  • Pain Relief.
  • Able to treat a variety of skin disorders.
  • Can help you maintain a healthier head of hair.
  • Provides you with treatment for a wide range of mental health issues.
  • Can cause improved digestion.
  • Can relieve respiratory disorders.
  • Can Improve your blood circulation.

Lavender Oil for Hair

Lavender Oil For Hair

Thinning hair? Lavender Essential Oil has a lot of great benefits for your overall head and hair health, for preventing hair loss, and for promoting hair growth. Lavender Oil does a great job at killing lice, lice eggs, and nits. It also has been found that Lavender maybe able to effectively treat hair loss and boost your hair growth by up to 44% following seven months of proper treatment. One of the primary ways in which Lavender Oil can be used to treat hair loss is by mixing it with one of the carrier oils such as Coconut Oil. Daily massaging of this mixture into your scalp will usually lead to healthier hair growth. Besides for treating the more physical causes of hair loss, Lavender Oil also does a great job at helping you treat yourself for psychological and emotional anxiety related issues.

That’s not all, though. Lavender Essential Oil is also effective at helping you get rid of dandruff or a drier itchier scalp. One of the best ways to use Lavender Essential Oil as an effective dandruff treatment is by mixing 15 drops of it with 2 tablespoons of Olive or Almond Oil that was heated for around 10 seconds. This mixture can then be used to massage your hair. After one hour all you need to do is then wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Besides for being used to treat dandruff, Lavender Oil can also be used as superb conditioner. All you need to do is boil ¼ cup of dried Lavender in 2 cups of water. Simply add just a few drops of Lavender Oil. Following this, all you need to do is rinse your hair with it for 15 minutes and you will have shinier, dandruff treated hair.

Lavender Oil for Skin

Lavender Oil For Skin

Besides for your hair, Lavender Oil is also great at giving you the best skin possible. When used as a regular skin toner, Lavender Oil can boost your circulation resulting in giving you firmer skin, an adequate supply of oxygen, and nutrition to your skin cells. This will help boost your skin cells renewal process. A Lavender Oil skin toner doesn’t require too many complicated ingredients to be made and can be made at home. All you need to do is boil 100 ml of water. Once the water is boiled, completely submerge Lavender buds in the water. Following this, cover the bowl and leave the concoction to steep for a few hours. Next, drain the mixture into a clean glass bottle, refrigerate it, spray the lavender water on a cotton pad, and wash your face with it, or for that matter, any other part of your body. The Lavender Water should give you the same great skin if not better than that of any other skin toner.

Besides for helping create a great skin toner, Lavender Oil also has a lot of great antimicrobial properties to combat an array of infections and fight bacterial and fungal disorders. Additionally, Lavender Oil’s antimicrobial properties have also shown to speed up the process of healing burns, cuts, scrapes and wounds. The antimicrobial and antioxidant characteristics of Lavender Essential Oil are also able to provide an array of other tremendous benefits to your skin. Lavender Essential Oil has the ability to, with just drops per ounce applied to the skin, sooth the worst sunburn and rapidly heal dry skin and scraps. Not only can Lavender Oil help clean your skin up from different cuts and burns, it also provides your skin with tremendous anti-aging benefits. Mix it with Frankincense Essential Oil or Apricot Oil and apply to your skin as soon as you wake up in the morning, right after showering, and before going to sleep. This will result in reduced age spots.

Lavender Oil for Sleep

Lavender Oil For Sleep

Besides for helping build great skin and hair, Lavender Oil can also help give you a great nights sleep. Research has shown that it takes just 80 mg per day of Lavender Oil to decrease any sleep disturbances you may be experiencing. Lavender Oil is also great for treating a variety of specific sleep disorders including insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and overall exhaustion. Lavender Oil is able to treat these sleep conditions by soothing the nervous system and inducing sleep and relaxation. Lavender Oil is also capable of successfully accomplishing this by inducing alpha waves in the part of the brain that handles relaxation, thereby allowing you to fall asleep faster. A series of aromatherapy studies have also shown Lavender Oil as being effective at slowing down the nervous system and promoting a deeper sense of relaxation, helping those suffering from sleep disorders. Even the scent of Lavender Oil has been proven to help ease anxiety and reduce tension, resulting in diminished effects of insomnia. There are several practical ways which can make it easier for you to smell Lavender Essential Oil before going to sleep at night:

  • Oil Burner – Put a couple of drops of Lavender Oil in one of these. Oil burners don’t tend to cost that much and are a great way to smell some quality Lavender Oil.
  • Lavender Spray – Making a Lavender spray at home simple. All you need to do is add around 10 drops of Lavender Oil, topped with water, into a spray bottle. Once the spray is ready, spritz it in the general area of your bed and pillows to enjoy its great aroma and benefits.
  • When buying Lavender Oil, make sure to buy the 100% essential Lavender to ensure the highest quality aromatherapy benefits that Lavender Oil diluted with other substances cannot give you.

Lavender Oil for Acne

Lavender Oil For Acne

Lavender Oil is able to treat your acne via its array of antimicrobial, antibacterial, and aromatherapy benefits. As was true for the rest for your skin, Lavender Oils antimicrobial and antioxidant characteristics also give it the opportunity to serve as a highly effective form of acne treatment. The antimicrobial properties of Lavender Oil are gentle enough to be used on acne prone skin when diluted, great for all skin types, and benefit more mature skin because of its ability to help with skin regeneration. Additionally Lavender Oil has been shown to help reduce stress and anxiety in people exposed to it. Since, according to some researchers, acne can be caused by stress and anxiety, Lavender Oil also has the potential to reduce acne as a byproduct of stress reduction.

Lavender Oil is also great for the removal of acne scars. Unlike some other essential oils, Lavender Oil can be dabbed directly on any of your scars as many as two or three times a day. For some people this might be a little too intense, and in such cases the Lavender Oil can be diluted with water. Lavender Oil can also be used to reduce redness and promote skin cell growth too!

Lavender Oil for Massage

Lavender Oil For Massage

If you’re looking for a great natural way to relax your body, guess what? Your favorite essential oil can take care of that, too! As we discussed previously, just the relaxing smell of Lavender Oil has the ability to reduce stress and anxiety. When the relaxing smell of Lavender Essential Oil is combined with skin soothing, muscle relaxing properties, your body comes out feeling even more fantastic. Since touch is one of the more basic ways of relaxing the body, and the skin is one of the most sensitive organs in our bodies, a Lavender Oil massage can tremendously benefit our physical and emotional health.

Lavender Massage Oil is also simple to make. There are many easy to recipes for it out there: Our favorite consists of 3 drops of Lavender Oil, 2 drops of Lemon oil, and 6 drops of clary sage oil. Another recipe consists of 3-4 drops of Lavender oil to a teaspoon of a base carrier oil like Jojoba Essential Oil. You can then use this mixture to massage your neck, back, and shoulders to ease away the days tension. Each small batch of Lavender Oil can be stored in a dark glass bottle for storage when needed.

Where to Buy Lavender Oil

Like all essential oils, there are a few different ways to go about buying Lavender Oil. Lavender Oil can be bought in a few different health food shops and stores both online and offline. However, don’t let the label on the bottle fool you. As we briefly mentioned before, unless a bottle of Lavender Oil reads ‘100% pure essential oil’, don’t assume that it is. Remember to be aware of the fact that there may be companies that only include a bit of Lavender Oil into the vial, mixing it with other, cheaper essential oils. Other factors that might be important to look out for when Lavender Oil could include the following:

  • The supplier is a smaller one as opposed to a larger corporation.
  • The supplier is owned by an essential oil specialist or aromatherapy practitioner.
  • Supplier can be available to provide you with material safety data sheets.
  • Supplier has a strong unquestioned noncontroversial reputation in the private label field.
  • Supplier of product has ideally worked in the field and has a good reputation amongst other aromatherapy educators and practitioners.

Hopefully with these ideas in mind, as well as doing further research about the distributor selling the Lavender Oil, you will make the most well-informed decision possible when purchasing your oil.


Lavender Essential Oil, like other similarly made essential oils and other more natural products, has become significantly more popular as a general cosmetic and overall health product. Lavender Essential Oil has a variety of antibiotic, micro biotic, and Aromatherapy benefits. Specifically, it is able to help promote great hair and skin, treat acne, and will leave you feeling relaxed and free of stress and anxiety. When buying Lavender Essential Oil, make sure the label reads pure 100% Essential Lavender Oil to ensure that it is actually is pure natural Lavender oil. Additionally, make sure that this natural product is free of any of the harsh chemicals, parabens, or sulfates that non-natural products may include.

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