Health Benefits of Jojoba Oil

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Health Benefits of Jojoba Oil

Why Jojoba Oil is a Great Ingredient in Health and Wellness Products

Jojoba wax

A native of southwest USA but now grown in different destinations across the globe, Jojoba is a fantastic carrier oil that with its vaguely nutty aroma while unmixed, but when combined with something else (even your skin) takes on that aroma. This means it may be just the thing you want to combine your essential oil with, as conflicting smells aren’t always the nicest. An interesting thing about Jojoba oil that makes it different from most carrier oils is its consistency. It has a wax like consistency making it ideal in its natural state for conditioners and creams. This means that you don’t truly even need an essential oil at all with jojoba. The refined state of jojoba is odorless and almost clear making it great for perfumes or colognes. So it’s fair to say that in its natural wax state calling jojoba an oil is a misnomer as it isn’t much of an oil at all.

Its impressive qualities stretch beyond a unique consistency. You don’t have to worry about normal fears of allergens and irritants for those with sensitive skin or those who are prone to allergic breakouts. Jojoba is a non-irritant, non-allergenic solution making it a great option for your brand’s child shampoo for the kids who can’t stand when soap gets in their eyes or get bad reactions to some other synthetic products. Its antioxidant properties make it crucial for keeping free radicals away as well as getting rid of existing ones and keeping your skin in the fight to stay young and radiant. Jojoba has a long shelf life which is obviously convenient if you want to buy some in bulk to try in different mixes and it may sit for a while. Maybe I should qualify that statement, jojoba oil doesn’t go rancid. Hopefully you are starting to see the health benefits of jojoba oil and how it can be a great addition to your label.

Jojoba Oil for Hair

Hair care is always a hot topic and people want to have the best hair and are willing to go to crazy extremes to achieve that desire. We aren’t asking that you or your customer go to any extreme lengths, just be aware that people are willing. This makes having a legitimate product that people will actually see results from so incredibly valuable. Now you take that and you add into your marketing scheme that your stuff is good for the environment and that its cruelty free. See how quickly people will be buying your brand, you’ll be amazed. You need products that are natural and chemical free, this is what gives you have a winning recipe. Mixed with the right essential oil, jojoba is the perfect carrier and can have many different results. The cool thing about jojoba is that like it’s smell the oil itself tends to take on the qualities of whatever essential oil it gets mixed with. Basically it won’t contradict anything you put it with thought it certainly will accentuate the right mixtures like lavender but again it’s hard to go wrong.

An array of Jojoba

As magical as this serum may sound, there is real science behind jojoba’s fame. It has plenty of vitamin E acts as a strong antioxidant, keeping away the harmful and unwanted free radicals. People highly value the longevity of hair and vitamin E is a major factor in that happening. Another helper in jojoba is vitamin B complex which will help keep hormone balance in check and fights infections in the scalp.

Jojoba Oil for Skin


Jojoba does many things that you have probably can guess by now. It keeps the skin hydrated and young looking, cleans out pores and so on. The truth is that many essential and carrier oils have similar components and vitamins, so what’s the big deal? Throw in a carrier, mix in a few drops of an essential and you are good! Throw it out on the market. Not exactly what you are looking to do. Each carrier and essential oil has certain things they do much better and areas they are far more effective. Take apricot oil for example, it can be used on hair, skin and even cooking. All of these things are great but the only real thing I use it for is my skin. It handles blemishes like acne better than anything else I’ve used. To me Jojoba oil takes care of eczema and skin conditions best in addition to being amazing for healthy skin.

While a lot of this you may or may not have known about jojoba oil. What you may not have known, and even if you did know maybe you didn’t think it was very important is that it’s got iodine and (as we previously mentioned) antioxidants, making it greatly effective in fighting infections and even killing warts and fungi. Jojoba helps heal wounds and reduces scarring thanks to vitamin E. For all who shave you know how unpleasant and downright irritating a razor burn can be. Jojoba has your back, due to its vitamins and creamy texture it’s a great ingredient in shaving creams and butters, making irritation yesterday’s problem.

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Jojoba Oil for Massage

With massage being as intimate as it is people are very particular with their oils. It all comes down to feel, smell and of course personal preference. Jojoba oil gets so much attention here because of exactly those reasons. Its texture is not oily at all and won’t leave uncomfortable residue the way actual oils will. The fact that it doesn’t have a strong smell and by itself is very pleasant and when mixed submits its fragrance for the item it is mixed with is very appealing to those keen on their massages. When finding mixtures that would work well as massage oils and incorporating jojoba, try to keep a couple things in mind. One is, you probably want to find an oil which is known to be relaxing seeing as it is a massage after all. Another is that you can take an oilier oil to mix it with because jojoba will even it out, or take an oil that also won’t leave much residue making for a great deep tissue massage.


There are many oils and deciding which one fits your exact needs for the moment is no easy call, but one that you need to make in order for your products to sell. Jojoba is a great investment and the market is plenty big enough for more sellers. People love discovering the new label making their favorite products. Jojoba is the way to go!

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