Health Benefits of Apricot Oil

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Health Benefits of Apricot Oil


Why Apricot Oil is a Great Ingredient in Health and Wellness Products

Apricots and their oil

For the sake of clarification right off the bat, both apricot oil and apricot kernel oil are the same thing. This seems to be causing confusion but it’s relatively simple. Apricot oil is taken from the kernel of its fruit, not at all unlike almond oil. Another area causing confusion is the difference between an essential oil and a carrier oil. Apricot oil is a carrier oil, here’s what makes it such. A carrier oil is extracted either from a nut or vegetable usually. The carrier oils that do come fruit, come from the nut or kernel. Their job is to mix the essential oil like rosemary which needs a base or a carrier to take it wherever you are applying it. That can be the scalp, deep tissue for a massage, or into your pores for a facial or skin cleaning. Anytime you are planning on using an essential oil you absolutely must have a carrier or the effects you were promised will be severely mitigated.
Apricot oil’s strongest areas of benefits are well known to be for massages due to its texture as well as for what I will now introduce as its second strong suit. Its incredible restoration properties on your skin, which we will cover more in depth further on. This is not to say that you won’t see positive results if you use it in your hair or as a lip balm, as the oil is linked to hair growth hydration, shine and healthy non-chapped lips. I just feel that with so many oils out there you might as well play to each one’s strengths. I will still insist however that if you have a certain affinity to the way it smells, feels or just know that your hair responds well to it, use it.

Apricot Oil for Skin

When examining the oils most endeared use we have to take a closer look. Apricot oil has vitamins A, B, C and E as well as antioxidants and omega 6 fatty acids. All of these provide you with much needed nutrients to keep your skin clean and healthy. Understanding each of these will help you understand why apricot oil is so effective and will help you apply your knowledge to other areas as well:
• Vitamin A: Vitamin A is extremely important to skin care because it strengthens the lower level of your skin known as the dermis. Included in the dermis’s responsibilities to the body are the blood vessels and hair follicles. Meaning that involving vitamin A in your skin care regimen will help keep blood flowing smoothly and your hair will have a healthy base so it won’t dry out your skin. It also helps regulate body temperature meaning vitamin A can help keep sweat levels down.
• B-17: Here is where the controversy comes in. Some will swear this is the real secret to apricot oils success. They will tell you that B-17 has been found to be extremely effective in fighting of cancerous cells and that there is 200 times more B-17 in pure apricot oil than any other oil. They will swear to these benefit and much more about how it will rejuvenate skin.
Then there is the other camp. You can see Wikipedia’s scathing article denouncing any drop of credibility on what they refuse to call Vitamin B and only refer to it as Amygdalin or Laetrile. While they nor most other articles nearly as concerned or disturbed by the acne reducing claims as they are about the cancer claims, they do claim lack of evidence supporting any claims regarding the chemical. Found within is cyanide, a poison that seems to be most potent when ingested orally.
Whichever side you choose to put your faith in, there people on your side. I will say this much, I don’t know personally about b-17 and cancer treatment, and I can’t even promise that B-17 or Laetrile or however you decide to call it is helping in the apricot oil. What I can tell you is that from personal experience using apricot oil and it is my preferred skin and acne treatment, I have never been poisoned nor faced anything but positive effects.
• Vitamin C: Vitamin C is among those vitamins that although are produced plentiful in nature are not naturally produced by humans. Since we don’t make it ourselves it’s crucial that we include it both in our eating diet and in our cosmetic one as well. It contains strong antioxidants which prevent harmful free radicals from producing thus preventing typical signs of aging.
• Vitamin E: Similar to vitamin C is the sense of it being an antioxidant fighting free radicals. It also is the best vitamin for fighting and removing scars and fighting sunburn, adding to its value.
The oil is my number one choice for skin care and I have consistently found that my skin and acne respond better to apricot products more positively than they respond to anything else.

Kernels for days

Apricot Oil for Hair

After all the hype we’ve given the skin care section you might feel like using apricot oil on your hair is not getting the correct use out of it. I tried to state my opinion against this in the introduction but in case that wasn’t clear, you can most certainly gain from using apricot oil in your hair. The previously mentioned above vitamins have strong benefits for your hair as well as your skin. They get deep into the scalp keeping it young and healthy as well as keeping the follicles alive and well.

Apricot Oil for Massage

Another immensely popular use for apricot oil is massage. It isn’t too heavy of an oil but it is oily and strong enough to hold up in a real massage. It acts as a deep relaxer for the muscles allowing the massage to maximize its benefits and potential. It has been found in the homeopathic world to provide for a calm environment and just having it rubbed into your skin can produce wonderful results.

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