Health Benefits of Argan Oil

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Health Benefits of Argan Oil

Why Argan Oil is a great ingredient in health and wellness Products

When examining the highly sought after oil, we need to first understand it a little bit. Argan oil comes originally from southern Morocco where it has been used for centuries to help them properly treat their skin. This oil is in fact part of the reason for the known beauty associated with the women there. It made its way to Europe where the rich there could indulge in the secrets of Africa. In recent years scientists have looked at the oil that has been magical for what’s becoming a significant amount of history and found it to be extremely rich in everything from antioxidants like vitamin E and fatty acids to keep your skin glowing like a full moon. With a history as rich as the oil itself, argan oil attracts those who are serious about their appearance and love of foreign cultures.

Original Moroccan

One of agran’s biggest pluses is the fact that it doesn’t get sticky after use like other oils. This end up making for a far more pleasant experience. The oil is popular in moisturizers, massage oils, toners, exfoliating creams and gels, acne medicines, skin creams and oils that combat stretch marks (especially the ones cause by pregnancy) small cuts and bruises. It is also widely used for nighttime products like leave in conditioners and foot creams as well. Its uses are widespread across the beauty market and is definitely an oil you want to strongly consider involving in your line.

Argan Oil for Hair

It’s no secret that hair products sell, that’s not the question. The question is how to make your product sell and catch the eye of all prospective shoppers and hair product fanatics. There are several keys to making this happen and placed strongly among them are marketing and making your brand seem appealing. As far as your marketing can get you (and it can get you far) if you want your brand to be anything more than fluff or at best a fast growing and the even faster fading trend you will need real substance. Argan oil can give you just that, like other natural oils it is filled with the vitamins and acids that your skin and hair need in order for them to be at their best. Because of vitamins A and E’s restoring properties they contribute greatly to hair staying young and alive far past normal expectancy.

The golden secret

It fights dry skin, making it very useful in any anti dandruff products you might be looking into starting up or improving an already existing product. Whatever you need is for this oil make absolutely certain that anyone looking at your product knows immediately that argan oil is a main ingredient. Just the fact that people are calling this stuff liquid gold should be enough to convince you.

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Argan Oil for Skin

Morocco’s secret has become a highly sought after ingredient in all of the various sectors within the health and beauty world. If you want the place that its’s most effective use you need to go back to the roots of the product. You need to go all the way back to where the argan craze was first kicking off, and that was for all sorts of skin care. You are looking at a prime candidate for massage oils, soaps, rubs, exfoliating creams  and anything else that you are going to lather onto your skin. It clears acne, sooths burns and erases itchiness and irritation.

Getting rid of scars are a huge concern for almost anyone who has them. That ends up creating a large  market and a great opportunity for you to make a splash. Another great use is as a pre-shaving cream, because it will leave your skin smooth and open up pores. Its use has spread globally and has become a familiar enough of a name to attract attention when seen on a bottle all while still remaining highly sought after and uncommon.

Argan Oil for Cooking

Liquid gold as I have taken to calling it is useful outside of just cosmetics as well. It can be used and sold as a kitchen product and has plenty of use and culture there too. If you are thinking of making an alternative to peanut butter due to the allergy problem associated with it more than other nuts, you may want to consider argan oil. With its nutty yet unique flavor it provides a great base for a peanut butter like spread that can really make a mark in health food stores. Being quite rich in vitamin A it is a strong positive contributor to eyesight and eye health in general. In Africa it was and still is used as a great dipping kind of sauce which includes honey that is much lighter and oilier than a peanut butter consistency. I would avoid using it as a deep frying oil because it burns at a lower temperature than olive oil. Using it as a pan fry type oil or in a marinade however can be incredible.


Finding the right names to put in products is crucial to attracting customers to your brand and away from others. This much is known and you probably even have a pretty good idea of some oils and minerals that will do exactly that. Quality is a crucial component when choosing the manufacturer for your oils and main ingredients. It might be tempting to cut corners on costs with manufacturing but you can’t sacrifice on quality if you want to attract the people used to the higher end of cosmetics. Exotic products always have a certain powerful appeal that if you aren’t capitalizing on, you are doing only yourself an injustice. Especially if it is an ancient, rare, healing oil that happens to be called liquid gold. Market this oil all the way to the bank so that your gold doesn’t have to be liquid, it should be cold, hard cash. All in all, argan is great addition to your products as something that will really help people. As well as with the proper marketing will make your brand very popular.

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