Physicians Formula Review 2018: The Formula For The Best Cosmetics!

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Physicians Formula Review 2018: The Formula For The Best Cosmetics!

It is one of the most trusted brands in the United States. Boasting an impressive line of cosmetics products which are always gaining more regular users, Physicians Formula is one of the best in the business.

History and Physicians Formula Background Explained

The company was founded in 1937 by Dr. Frank Crandall. The good doctor was trying to find a solution for his wife, who had very sensitive skin. He tried looking for replacements, which would not cause any damage. When he couldn’t locate such things in his vicinity, he decided to come up with products and formulas of his very own. He intended for those products to mimic the effects of commercial drugstore makeup, without containing the various irritants, chemicals and problematic elements.

Because of this, the brand has become THE brand for those with sensitive skin. In actuality, though, this brand is not only for those whose skin is irritated easily. It can be used by those who care about the kinds of ingredients they are putting into their skin. After all, those substances end up in the bloodstream, which is why going natural is almost always the best option.

The company went public in 2006, as Physicians Formula Holdings, Inc., and it was purchased by Markwins International Corp. in 2012. The parent company was established in 1984, and is based in California.

Physicians Formula Products Overview

Physicians Formula Products

Face, eyes, lips, and skin – these are the broad categories which Physicians Formula engage in with their products. In the face department, there are blushes, bronzers, concealers, foundations, primers, moisturizers, contours, and sprays. With eyes, there are eyebrow pencils and boosters, liners, shadows, mascaras, and related eye pencils. Lips include lip gloss, lipstick, lip moisturizer, and even a plumping cocktail! (I’m actually very interested in trying that last one out, but I haven’t yet.) For skin, there are makeup removers, nourishing oils, and a unique argan and coconut primer.

This is a company which comes up with new products on a regular basis. Out with the old, in with the new. Although, some of their products manage to stick around a long time, across generations. Either way, Physicians Formula is always innovating, so even if you don’t enjoy a specific product or a series, you never know what else they are going to come up with that may blow your mind and cause you to love makeup (or a certain look) all over again.

Physicians Formula Mascara Review

Physicians Formula Mascara

I gave the Physicians Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Mascara a try. This is the one that everyone seems to call ‘the green tube mascara’. Mascaras are hit and miss with me and my lashes, so I was a bit skeptical. Well no, I take that back. Not skeptical, per se, just unsure.
I am happy to report that this is quite possibly one of the best mascaras on the market today. This is coming from a completely subjective point of view, of course, but I was very happy that it actually did what it is meant to do. You’d be surprised at how many mascaras just mess things up for me.

Anyway, this mascara manages to separate, lengthen, and give your lashes some oomph. The texture is not very dry, and it is not a wet and sticky one either. With the consistency, there is definitely an advantage to this mascara. For thicker lashes, you will need to apply two coats, but it lends itself to layering in a great way. It doesn’t clump or crack, but take care to let the first coat dry before applying the other(s).

This product lasts a long time, I am happy to say. But it doesn’t do it all. It’s not waterproof, for instance, so those of you with watery eyes or a disposition to oily eyelids could go through some smudging during the day. I suppose you will have to experiment and see what works for you. Touch-ups may be in order.

Eyes are a highly sensitive organ which has a tendency towards irritation. The thing with Physicians Formula is that it was designed for those of us with sensitivities, so there is less to worry about. Over the years, this mascara has been released in several variations, but this original one – the green tube – is a classic which will probably outlast all of those other ones.

Physicians Formula BB Cream Review

Physicians Formula BB Cream

Let’s start with the bad news. This lovely cream has only two shades – light and light/medium. Bummer. Now, on to the good news. This product can effectively replace a few other products which are cluttering up your life. These apply nicely with your fingers like a thick moisturizer, and have a surprisingly full coverage for a BB cream.

For those of you with dry skin, you should probably go with the Organic Wear BB Cream, which provides you with a super hydrating quality, and keeps you looking fresh.
For those with oilier skin, the #InstaReady formula is meant for minimizing the shine, and giving you a smoother finish. It provides your skin with a kind of uniformity and gets you ready for a selfie in a few seconds! This is the reason behind the #InstaReady hashtag. Both creams come with a degree of SPF: 20 for the Organic Wear, 30 for the #InstaReady.

Physicians Formula Bronzer Review

Physicians Formula Bronzer

There are many bronzers in PF’s catalogue, and I could not try them all. I decided to give the MuruMuru Butter Bronzer a go. This bronzer comes in two shades (regular and light), and is an item which colors and nourishes the skin. This product is made by blending together several butters, and it contains different nutrients and vitamins which are great for your skin’s health.

This product comes with its own applicator, which I thought was very appropriate and needed. Good job, PF! Obviously, you don’t have to use the applicator it comes with. You can use a powder brush (synthetic might be good, since it is a cream/powder combo), and if you feel it is not gliding on properly, try their applicator.

So, how did it fare? It did very well. It colored my cheek bones nicely, didn’t over define them, and I was able to get juuust the right amount before it began to take on an “orange” kind of shade. Perhaps I should have tried the light bronzer. I will next time, I guess, just to do the comparison.

So, to sum up: it gets the job done, and it does it well. Do I look more Brazilian now? Not necessarily, but I love the additional color it brings to my face! Makeup is a subtle art sometimes, and this bronzer is one which is meant to be used gently.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Review

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips

This collection includes so much variety, it is almost impossible to just choose one to review, but I had to, so here goes. I chose to tackle the nude palette, since it seems to be one of the more popular ones. I am a sucker for neat little palettes like this, and it is something I take great pleasure in. This is an all-in-one color scheme for face and eyes, and you can use it as shadow, a bronzer, or a highlight. There is so much versatility in this tiny little package, which is why I love it so much. Use these colors to add new dimensions to your looks, without having the color be too harsh.

Definitely worth the price, as far as I am concerned, and I would buy this again. Although, next time I would buy a different one to try out. It is exactly these types of items which make PF so popular and long-lasting. For a more natural glow, I apply Lemongrass Essential Oil or Peach Kernel Oil before bed.

Physicians Formula Eyeliner Review

Physicians Formula Eyeliner

Even before I was into makeup as a whole thing, I knew the power of eyeliner. It is amazing, what one tiny change in your eyes can do to your entire face. This takes some getting used to, but eyeliner is the bomb.

Now, as for Physicians Formula, I decided to go with the Kohl Kajal eyeliner, from the Argan Wear series. It is one of the more expensive eyeliners in the many that PF have, and that is exactly why I went for it. I did not want to get a trio for $7. I’d rather have a really good single liner for nearly $10.

This liner is one of the more buttery I have tested, and that is great. Why? Because it goes on smooth, but it does not run. The only negative thing I have to say about this product is that the packaging could use some work. I mean, I get it. It is designed like a quasi-Moroccan pencil, since argan oil comes from Morocco and it is part of the whole argan theme. Still, it is sometimes annoying, so if I were them I’d work on that. Other than that – it is a great eyeliner!

Physicians Formula Foundation Review

Physicians Formula Foundation

“It takes a lot to look good” – true of false? Obviously, this changes from one person to another. With Physicians Formula foundations, you get to look good, and fast. Even though my skin is so not prone to damage and breakouts, I decided to give the Mineral Wear liquid foundation a shot.

Okay, so first of all, I can see why this is made for those with sensitive skin. The substance and applicator are designed to clean up your face, as you are using the foundation. If you have dry skin, by the way, make sure to apply moisturizer before the foundation. So, I found this foundation to be perfect for on-the-go touch ups and general coverage. It goes on smooth, and it lasts a long time. I am not the target crowd for this particular product, I guess, but I am nevertheless quite happy with it!

It brings out a great tone, and it helps the wearer achieve a look which is younger and smoother, and in a fairly natural way. Looking for some distance, you would not be able to tell that this is even makeup. A good foundation, which lasts a long while. But it is not for everyone, so if you are not sure, perhaps choose a different one, such as the Youthful Wear all-purpose foundation. FYI, the Mineral Wear and Youthful Wear foundations are both 15 SPF.

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Flawless Complexion Kit Review

Mineral Wear Flawless Complexion Kit

This Mineral Wear kit is one of the first face powder, a matte finishing veil, and a pressed blush, which are meant to be used consecutively to achieve a uniformed look. The kit’s substances contain minerals and vitamins which nourish and also help with coverage.

The powder and blush come with a brush and mirror on the underside of the compact. On days when you don’t necessarily want heavy coverage, but are interested in an easy foundation which you can apply and leave as a standalone – or an addition – this Mineral Wear powder is highly effective. It is soft, it evens out skin tones, and extremely light.

The finishing veil does come with a brush, but I only used it for a few seconds before switching to a different brush. It just didn’t feel that nice, so I changed it. The product itself is great, though, so if you are not into the brush it came with just forget about it, and focus on the goodness within.

Never been a big fan of blush, so I did not use it. I may go for it another time, I just thought I looked good enough after the foundation and finish. I get those who use blush, but I don’t really need it. If I do end up using it, I will definitely give you a review of it.

They call this flawless, and other than the brush thing – it really is flawless!

Physicians Formula Rebate Offers Explained

At any given moment, the company has rebate offers going on with any number of its products. They come and go, they expire at different times, and they are limited to either U.S. or Canada, so be on the lookout for that. As of December 2017, for instance, there are rebates (United States) for Bronze Booster Strobe, the MuruMuru Butter Blush, The Eye Booster Mascara, and others.

Make sure the product you are purchasing has a specially marked rebate label on it! Ones without it will not be honored. You must then print out and fill in the rebate form, include your original receipt, and send it their way.

Is Physicians Formula Cruelty Free? Does Physicians Formula Test on Animals?

Physicians Formula are proud to be cruelty free. There are no tests conducted on animals – either by them or a third party – and their products are not sold in mainland China, where animal testing is mandatory.

Is Physicians Formula Vegan?

Some products are, but the company as a whole is not vegan. Some products contain wax produced by bees, and other animal-sourced substances. So, I would say to check the individual product you have interest in, since it may be vegan-friendly.


Wow. This is a company which is dedicated to its customers, and its approach to animals and business is relatively healthy. It makes an effort to do right by its consumers, and I can appreciate that. As for the products themselves, they are great. The only down thing, is that with some products there is barely any choice of shades, but I suppose they do their market research and find that it isn’t necessary with certain items. Fair enough, right? They still have a ton of variety, and it is always a pleasure trying new things from this respectable company.

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