Make Up For Ever Cosmetics Review 2018: Look Good Forever

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Make Up For Ever Cosmetics Review 2018: Look Good Forever

Most of the time, make up companies are just trying to make it. There is so much competition, and there are so many innovations and changes going on. So much of a company’s budget goes to research and development, and there are times when it ends up going against the company’s interests. Conversely, there are those who thrive on competition and pressure, and who manage to wow their customers again and again by utilizing technology and experience. Make Up For Ever belongs to the latter group, in my opinion.

History and Make Up For Ever Background Explained

Make Up For Ever is a French company, established in 1984. It was acquired in the late 90’s by LVMH, aka Louis Vuitton. So, just from that little tidbit of information, you can see that this is a brand which needs to be expanded on and addressed. If it was good enough to be purchased by LVMH, it certainly needs to be looked into.

Make Up For Ever Products Overview

Make Up For Ever Products

Face, eyes, lips, and accessories. That pretty much sums up the line of products which Make Up For Ever manufactures and distributes. There are products for everyday users and for professionals. We’re talking primers, foundations, concealers, shadows, mascaras, sealers of all kinds, lip gloss, lip liner, and brushes of all kinds. There are products for special effects, for beauty, and for cleaning up makeup easily and efficiently.

Let’s go a bit more in-depth, and explore some of the company’s best sellers. Some of these products have been used for longer periods of time than others, so keep that in mind. Also, this is my review, but your mileage may vary.

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation Review

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

Okay, the HD foundation is one which I wanted to try for a while. I don’t like foundations which are too powdery, chemically or cakey, and I can be pretty fussy about what I apply. This one does not contain any SPF, which works for me since I usually put foundation on at night anyway, when I am about to go out. During the morning I get away with some quick lips and eyes action, and I am out the door. If I wanted to put foundation on my face every morning…. well, let’s just say it would highly disrupt my schedule, and I wouldn’t do it.

So, what did I think of this product? Easy to take on and off, first of all. And that counts for a lot. It lasts a good while, and in fact it lasted for a few hours while I was out and about. I didn’t sweat too much, or cry, or splash my face with anything, but just as a night out, it worked fine and I looked fabulous, if I may say so myself. The shade I got was a perfect match, but all of that color aside, it works well, and it serves its purpose. It is a tad expensive so please do yourself a favor and get a SAMPLE first, and match the shade perfectly. Nothing worse than spending good money on a product and discovering it does not match you at all.

Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer Review

Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer

I feel this is the very definition of “a little of that goes a long way.” The bottle in which this concealer comes is quite small, and the price for quality is usually higher. On the other hand, when used properly, it can last a long time, so don’t be afraid by the looks of it.

Many imperfections will be able to get themselves sorted out with help of this concealer. Under-eyes bags, scars, blemishes, and other types of unwanted skin issues will be able to blend in more naturally to your skin. As far as makeup goes, it isn’t too obvious, which is always a good thing.

You’d have to be standing pretty close to me to know that I am wearing it. I love that about concealers. Of course, this depends first and foremost on quantity and quality of the product. Well, the quantity issue is individual, but as for quality? It is great, and it does a good job. I am happy with it, and I would definitely recommend it.

Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation Review

Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation

Another foundation which I wanted to try. Now, I mentioned that like the rest of us, I don’t want any cakey, overly-powdered substances. It is those kinds of things which can ruin your makeup, and make you look anything but natural. You know when you are out in the middle of the day (or night, for that matter), and you are feeling a little ‘icky’ because of your makeup? I don’t want it to ever come to that, and I am happy to report that this foundation has passed the test, as far as I am concerned.

Even after hours in the daytime sun, the foundation was true to its name and it held up wonderfully. Through the day when I tried it, I had lipstick and eyeliner on (other than the foundation, of course). I left my cheeks bare so I can see how the formula holds up throughout the day, and – happily enough – it did.

The shade could be an issue, but do yourself a favor and try it on your face, not your hand. Don’t just swatch it, since it could be pretty different after it is on your face for a minute, and surely after you blend it with a sponge. Better safe than sorry when it comes to cosmetics.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge Lipstick Review

Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge Lipstick

This is a kind of mix between a stain and a gloss. Sometimes, when such products come out – ones which claim to provide the best of both worlds – they end up under-delivering on both counts. I seriously didn’t want this to happen with this lipstick.

The first thing I noticed about this product was the consistency, which is not what I had envisioned. I didn’t expect it to feel the way it does, and I guess that is a good thing. I enjoy fun surprises. The second thing I noticed is that the color I chose was pretty spot on, and that is a difficult call to make when you are just picking it up at the store.

The lipstick in said to be waterproof, and it indeed was. The color did not run and there was no transfer once the lipstick has set it. The two sides of the product are liquid color and lip gloss. The gloss is less effective, or it was for me anyway, but the color is flawless.

Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder Review

Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder

This is a lightweight kind of powder which will give your skin a matte finish. It has one product which will be perfect for those who have interest in a good finish that won’t disappoint you. You’ll have to be stingy about the amount, because you only need a bit of this stuff. It, too, comes in a relatively small package, but you know the saying about great things and small packages, right?

This product sets the makeup, and still leaves some skin which is actually skin. It doesn’t harm the skin, and it doesn’t harm the makeup. The price of this product is somewhat expensive, but like similar products by Make Up For Ever, it proves itself and it proves it price as justifiable. If you can afford it, do it. It is a great addition to your makeup arsenal.

The feel of this product is somewhat silky, because of its silicone-y ingredients. Safe but effective. It will provide your face with an even finish, and is well worth the price, if it within your budget.

Make Up For Ever Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream Review

Make Up For Ever Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream

A concealer which is worth a shot. It is a cream which lasts for hours. Obviously, it depends on so many factors, but when I tried this out I was indoors most of the time, and it took it a long time to run out. It conceals very well, and if you have any acne or blemishes that you want to cover up, this is certainly worth trying. Use a sponge, obviously, and only use a tiny bit where necessary. This will blend in with many other products, but as always don’t use too much.

The cream is indeed creamy. And yes, it is a camouflage, but it is not a miracle worker. If you have some major zit issues (for instance) don’t expect this to make it all go away, just like that. You know (or should know) your own limitations by now, so make up your mind about whether or not you even think concealer is for you. If you do use some kind of concealer though, you should check this out whenever you are looking for a change.

Make Up For Ever Velvet Matte Review

The Mat Velvet+ foundation has great cover abilities, and the finish is very fitting. Some use instead of concealer, but I keep such things separate, usually. It is a foundation which keeps on giving.  I am a fan of foundations, and products like this one are the reason why. It literally changes your whole day. I mean, when you walk out of the house and you look amazing – How great is this day going to be? A good makeup day can lift your spirits and help you soar. It may sound tacky and cliche – and it is – but the fact is that looking good is important to us.

Make Up For Ever Velvet Matte

This product has immense staying power, and I enjoyed using it a lot. Whether with a brush, sponge, or blender, you can put this foundation on in no time, and it will give you a full, uniformed look which is the basis for anything else you may want to go for. At the end of the day (literally) I saw some issues with it, but that was after a long day of running around.

Acne, redness, and other blemishes can be whisked away with its help. However, remember it is not meant to be a full-on concealer. It is pricey, like other Make Up For Ever products, so if you want to see if it is for you, give it a shot at the store, or get some kind of sample.

Is Make Up For Ever Cruelty Free? Does Make Up For Ever Test On Animals?

Make Up For Ever itself does not test on animals, but their products are sold in mainland China, where the law requires animal testing to be carried out. The company is on PETA’s “do test” list. LVMH does not test on animals either, but they do own other brands which do.

Because of these reasons, Make Up For Ever and its parent company LVMH are not considered cruelty-free.

Is Make Up For Ever Vegan?

No, Make Up For Ever is not vegan. They make use of ingredients such as beeswax and other ingredients sourced from animals.


Make Up For Ever is one of those companies which you know are going to be around, if not literally for ever, then for quite a while. They are a company which consistently innovates and advances itself. There are things which it could make a change on (the animal/vegan thing, for one), but overall it is a company which is trustworthy and reliable.

Their products may not fit everyone 100%, but many of us who buy Make Up For Ever are happy with the results. This much can be seen across the board. If you can afford it, and you want some high quality makeup, go for it.

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