Joico K-Pak Shampoo & Conditioner Review 2018: Joico Pak’s Punch!

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Joico K-Pak Shampoo & Conditioner Review 2018: Joico Pak’s Punch!

The aim behind all Joico products is happy hair.  This is in fact the result for most of the women who use Joico K-Pak items.  For some, however, the end product is the misery of a severely itchy scalp and dry locks.  Realizing that no haircare solution will ever be right for everyone, let’s go forward and get a look at what makes Joico K-Pak tick.

The K-Pak series involves three essential elements of healthy hair:  Care, treatment, and styling.  Addressing these three issues are 13 individual products.  For the K-Pak care of your hair, you can find Shampoo, Conditioner, and Clarifying Shampoo.  To treat damaged hair, Joico K-Pak provides Revitaluxe, Reconstructor, Liquid Reconstructor, Intense Hyrdator, and Color Therapy.  Lastly, for all of us concerned about styling, and that includes everyone, the Joico shelf contains Leave-In Protectant, Smoothing Balm, Protect & Shine Serum, Thermal Design Foam, and Protective Hairspray.  

Joico products are expensive.  So if you intend on purchasing, and perhaps falling in love with, one or more of these items, I hope you have a good job or a significant other who earns a good living.  

A Bit About Joico History

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Joico: The Art Of Healthy Hair

1975 was a good year for Steve Stefano, a cosmetologist who owned a string of California salons.  While searching for non-existent health-hair products, he began experimenting with Keratin protein, the natural substance of hair.  Steve discovered that he could add keratin to shampoo for stronger and shinier follicles.  And a business with a much-needed product was born.

The definition of healthy hair as perceived by the founder of Joico encompasses three words:  Vitality, shine, and color.  That perception has held true over the past 42 years.  The name “Joico” is derived from the French translation for joy:  Joi.  The lens of the company continues to focus on the idea that healthy, happy, and shining hair is a major part of a woman’s life.

The current head of Joico, Sara Jones, started her professional career as a hairdresser.  By sheer determination, she propelled herself into an educational role with a major hair products company.  Skipping several rungs on the corporate ladder, Sara found herself the head of one manufacturing company after another.  Her perspective is a perfect match for Joico’s mantra:  “All for the sake of beauty.”  And in harmony with her predecessor, she perceives healthy, strong, shining hair to be a carrier of joy to the person and those in proximity.  

Joico K-Pak: High-Quality Components, Safe and Effective

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Joico K-Pak Products

Joico clearly appears to strive for products that contain well-tested, safe, and effective ingredients.  However, as is the case with all haircare solutions on the market, there are a whole host of high-tech chemicals in Joico K-Pak mixtures.  In fact, if you read the label, you will find more than 50 different substances that comprise K-Pak Shampoo and K-Pak Conditioner.  

Joico K-Pak Ingredients

The vast majority of these elements I would not generally choose to place on my scalp.  So perhaps it is better to skip over the list of ingredients on the label.  Alternatively, we could concentrate only on the well-known and beneficial substances such as Peptides, Keratin, Jojoba Oil, Amino Acids, Aloe, Vitamin E, Citric Acid, and Limonene.  Also contained in the shampoo and conditioner is a substance that is listed as psidium guajava fruit extract, which sounds mighty healthy.  If you know what that fruit looks like, please let me know as I am curious.

The emphasis here is on the universal use of chemicals in all brands of high-powered shampoo and conditioner, combined with the Joico focus on providing some very real beneficial components in each of its products.  Having tried various K-Pak items, I can tell you that my experience was on the positive end of the spectrum.  Joico’s conscious effort to promote healthy hair has produced obviously-safe and effective hair care products.  Keratin and other helpful ingredients do the job of healing the deficits in damaged hair and maintaining the vitality and shine that all of us are seeking.

Joico K-Pak Shampoo Review

k pak shampoo for hair joico
Joico K-Pak Shampoo

What do we want our shampoo to do?  The first answer that automatically comes to mind is “cleanse.”  All, or almost all, shampoos have the ability to clean hair.  One of the factors that distinguish a good shampoo from the average multitude of brands, concerns a gentle approach to cleansing roots and follicles rather than involving the use of harsh detergents.  Joico has definitely worked to provide a hair-friendly wash that avoids damaging your locks.  In fact, Joico specializes in repairing the damage done by hair-hazards within our environment and activities such as coloring, ironing, sunning, and shampooing in hard water.  

To be honest, we expect much more from shampoo.  Every wash should carry a bit of shine, some increased bounce, a pleasant scent, and a little styling ease.  The antioxidants, Peptide Complex, and Keratin in Joico K-Pak Shampoo go a long way toward establishing each of these hair-washing benefits.  Right from the start of my two-month experiment using the Shampoo, without any conditioner for the whole first month, my hair felt softer after a wash.  Usually, if I don’t use a conditioner immediately after shampooing, I am embarrassed to go out in public as my hair gets very frizzy.  Joico Shampoo significantly cut down on the frizz, and I felt that my hair even looked attractive.  

A sweet banana scent was a bonus.  There’s a guy that I like at work.  And when I was talking with him, I was hoping that he was aware of the aroma.  It just gave me a bit of extra confidence.

Joico K-Pak Conditioner Review

Joico K-Pak Conditioner

Conditioners tame the hair.  Their main objectives are to get rid of the frizz and make hair more manageable.  The stated aim of Joico K-Pak Conditioner is to go way beyond the average reach of their competitors.  This is a company that sees itself as a damaged-hair rescue agent.  So within its Conditioner, we find a serious set of complex components geared to restoring your hair’s natural balance.  Amino acids, Keratin Silicon, vitamin E, and aloe are all meant to inhabit the empty spaces in your hair cuticles, enabling positive results such as increased elasticity, strength, and shine.  Does it work?  Plenty of salons and consumers, myself included, have found that Joico Conditioner does the job.

Keep in mind though that no haircare product is right for everyone.  While the vast majority of consumers have agreed that their hair benefitted greatly from the use of K-Pak Conditioner, some have had the opposite experience:  Left hair ragged and difficult to comb; hair became brittle with daily use; increase in dandruff, itchy scalp, greasy hair, dry hair.  When all is said and done, K-Pak Conditioner has helped to lessen split ends, make hair softer and healthier, and restored vitality and strength to limp hair for a large percentage of its users.  It is definitely worth a try.  




Joico K-Pak Before & After Results

For a month, I purposely didn’t use conditioner to see the effects specifically of the K-Pak Shampoo.  I liked the way my hair felt and looked after a wash.  Without the conditioner, my short wavy hair was fluffier and fuller around my face.  Kind of cute, though I missed the finished look that a conditioner provides.

Before shampooing and conditioning with Joico K-Pak, my hair had undergone an attempt at blonde that just didn’t work.  Joico Shampoo made a definite positive difference in the texture and fullness, and when I added K-Pak Conditioner I couldn’t believe the compliments that I received.  It simply did for my hair what the company had intended it to do.    

Overall Thoughts & Conclusion

My experience with both the Shampoo and the Conditioner leads me to conclude that if not for the price, I would definitely continue using Joico products.  I like the attitude and focus of the company; and the K-Pak set did the job of providing soft, bouncy, clean, shiny and manageable hair.  I would not, however, recommend Joico to anyone who suffers from allergies, as a number of individuals have commented that the Shampoo and/or Conditioner create a disturbingly itchy scalp condition.  For everyone else, K-Pak appears to me to provide hair-happy days.

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